Happiness Called Me

Last Night it was 11.22 PM to be exact when the Happiness Called Me on my phone believe me her name is Happiness and she is Famous but i was DEAD because i couldn't even believe that i am talking to her moving  on to the conversation i kept it calm and cool my mind was telling me to just don't freak out during this phone call i was watching a movie( movie: "Dude Where is My Car ??" ) when the phone rang where at first i didn't even know who she was when she started giving me hints than those hints kicked me and i said "Oh Is It About That Email ??" she replied politely "YES!" then she told me that all the work i have done is impressive !! i replied with a THANK YOU.. after that the conversation is temporarily private and i will let everyone know momentarily !.!.!


Thanks For Reading

Prateek Gupta

10:18 PM

Delhi, India


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