Holi Plans

Today, During the last lecture I was sitting with my friends and waiting for it to over so I can go home and relax then suddenly one of my friend asked "hey.. prateek what are your plans for HOLI??" and i responded nothing i'll be chilling like every other festival but later on in my mind I was thinking what to really do on this HOLI ?? because HOLI never  really seemed fun to me and this thought annoyed me for the next  20 minutes till I didn't put earphones in my ears to listen music my playlist started with "ALLIGATOR SKY - OWL CITY" and that was the end to that creepy what to do thought ?!! On HOLI. this is life and that's how the mind roll sometimes.

Oh Well. Bring It On. 

Thanks For Reading

Prateek Gupta

1.13 AM

Delhi, India


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