I have lots of IDEAS my diary is filled with notes but yet something always holds me back from executing them. It's an incredibly hard process to get them from your brain and diary to the work. I feel like i have some anxiety issues and there's possibly a lack of confidence that the ideas aren't good enough. Sometimes i feel like i am letting myself down this week i already did one person down with my work and i think i will never be receiving a call from that person again for work purpose i find that i am not critical of my ideas or finding the inspiration easily.I need to change something with myself, write constantly and create exclusive content which i was doing in the past. Actually, the past work i did is actually paying me well rather than the recent work i did so i guess i have to be genuine once again.... today a classmate said to me that i have a "Nice Sense of Awareness" !.!.!

ZAMPA, BUTLER and ME shares same precious number: SIXTY THREE {63}

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Prateek Gupta

9:38 PM

Delhi, India


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