I am 20 years old and HEMORRHAGE(nose bleeding) is still my enemy in summers today was a hot day and summer is really starting to kick in this hemorrhage incident took my fun of writing away i mean this is so embarrassing for me nose bleeding in front of the whole class and the way people look at you after the incident is another challenge to fight because i don't want anyone to care for me i am a grown young boy i can take care of myself plus some of them are even worse who make fun of you by saying "should i get you a TAMPON for your nose??" f**king NO !!! its not even funny this condition is there because of my Nose structure for which i use prescribed Nose Strips in the nights A lot of people face this problem please don't make fun of them. i just wanted to get this out here beacuse i had a not so good day today !!! btw i am excited for wrestlemania...

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Prateek Gupta

11:41 PM

Delhi, India 


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