Meeting a Fan

hahahah !! i am not joking at all yesterday i met a fan seriously i met him at my college he is majoring in commerce he said that he likes my stuff than i replied with a  Thank You ! and i asked him what you like about my stuff he said "its very GOOD TO SEE THAT PEOPLE IN OUR GENERATION STILL ENJOYING WRITING. keep it up man !" i was about to cry that was the moment for me yes i enjoy writing and reading a lot i want to ROCK in this free world especially now i am really liking this journaling thing it gives me a motive to write about other interesting stuff too. I had a long conversation with this guy(fan) he said to me just keep it going prateek can't wait to see more content of yours i said to him actually very less people read it so thats why i even feel more exclusive there... then we shaked hands and i was off to class.

Thanks For Reading

Prateek Gupta

7:13 PM

Delhi, India.


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