These Days Hectic study and chilling schedules are killing me my main site is lacking in consistency what am i doing ???? i don't know i need to put more and more effort into the content again but the fact is i am ignoring everything because of easy money my work in the past is paying me more than some of my recent stuff i did thats why they say HARDWORK ALWAYS PAYS WELL ah.huh... its true right now i am a lazy blogger who doesn't write anymore this was my hobby when i started it but now i have sponsors, partnerships and royalities... i think i am doing this for money now i have to stop thinking about the money part for now i want to be that kid again who watched every movie and pay per view just so that he can write a honest review afterwards !.!.!.!.! WordGod Please Help Me......

It's Better To Do What Feels Natural To You.

Thanks For Reading

Prateek Gupta

12:09 AM

Delhi, India


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