Hate Without Purpose

Bieberfever is all over in India from these last couple of weeks and few hours earlier one of my closest friend got to watch Justin Bieber perform live in navi mumbai she told me how incredible the whole purpose tour concert was with special guests like EDM sensation Alan Walker who put on a great performance at D.Y Patil Stadium in Navi Mumbai and everything was all hyped up as Justin Bieber was performing in india for the very first time all the fans in attendance were happy but on twitter i saw a lot of hate from the people who used to love bieber melodies as kids but now they can't digest the fact that justin is a multi-millionaire pop sensation and has the greatest fanbase in the world... most of the people who didn't even attended the show are saying "Oh !! The Bieber Concert was S**T" he was doing lipsync it was awful so, what do you expect ?? do you want him to sing night lores into your ears... grow up people  if you can't respect him than atleast show some gratitude towards him !! these big concert gigs only happen like once in decade that guy you're talking shit about is a  mega pop-sensation !!! that was all hate without any purpose......

Love Yourself.

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Prateek Gupta

12:59 AM

Delhi, India


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