Embarrassing Popcorn Encounter

Haha!! this can be super funny for you people but let me tell you it was one of the most embarrassing incidents happened with me during the last month Storytime: * In the beginning of June one of my friend and me went to PVR Cinemas to see Tom Cruise's latest mystery thriller "The Mummy" okay so i am starting to have weird tickles in my stomach while i am writing this post lets go back to the story again... so, our tickets were already booked on BookMyShow(shoutout)  so we showed our e-tickets on the front desk and got the access to go inside the cinema premises but literally one of the most embarrassing moment was waiting for us in the form of "POPCORN MESS" we ordered a large bucket of classic salted popcorn from the food outlet of PVR Cinemas as soon as we took the POPCORN from the counter it f**king slip away from my hands POPCORN here POPCORN there .... and a corridor full of people were seeing me like a criminal i felt so embarrassed but really a big thanks to the employees who were working over there they cleaned that huge mess and also gave us a large popcorn bucket without charging any money but this time with a tray...... :)))))))) do you have any embarrassing encounters like this in public ?? share them below in the comment section

LOVE is Sharing Your POPCORN !!!

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Prateek Gupta

12:29 AM

Delhi, India


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