Creativity comes from curiosity and my curiosity is little low these days.  so, day before Yesterday i was thinking of  ideas for some script content where I was seeing at my laptop screen for straight 15 minutes but couldn't think  of any ideas or points to complete it then i had a Pepsi to chill my thoughts but nothing was working until i saw a Short Documentary about Shakespeare then i had the realization that my curiosity to know things isn't same as it was a week ago. some time goes by.... i took a break and went on to check some World News where i saw that Chester Bennington Linkin Park lead singer committed Suicide. Its tragic and my thoughts and prayers are with his family. While i am writing this post i scrolled through my twitter and i just heard that Home Alone  Star Actor John Heard Also Died aged 72. He was recovering from a back surgery which could be the reason of his death. but Chester Bennington we don't know what was he fighting with or how much inner pain he was in. still i want to say that.....

:"Suicide isn't the Solution."

REST IN PEACE Chester Bennington and John Heard You'll be missed😢😢

Prateek Gupta

11:23 PM

Delhi, India


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