Hey Alice

It's an expensive kind of feeling when you do something by yourself  I've been in a great place lately Competition,Life, Projects, Money and Confidence everything is on point. Six months ago i met this girl Alice on the internet she is a writer by profession. She helped me a lot in almost every single one of my projects, Yesterday we talked on the phone like always and she told me that her manuscript finally got a publisher, she said "I Feel Like I Could Fly, I am So Happy" !!! This is the best feeling anyone could ever have  this very moment you can say that a person is perfectly happy, because he/she does so much work to start from zero to create something amazing.

Hey Alice, I am excited for all the good things which are about to come for you i simply do not have any words to convey on how much happy i am about your success. As They Say:

DREAMS don't turn to DUST !.!.!

Thanks For Reading

Prateek Gupta

2:19 AM

Chandigarh, Punjab INDIA.

btw I will be at IC, Chandigarh Today.


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