Hey ! guys i am back ** nobody cares ** after a long week of work and smog life. I had a really great time at IC where i got indulged into some serious conversations with some people who are the best in the business and before telling the whole story i want to make clear that i lost a pretty fierce debate about the structured things in life there. 

STORYTIME: so, there was this one guy who started a casual conversation by saying that "THE WORLD IS ALL ABOUT MONEY" and then it turned into an academic conversation battlefield call the management ** shots fired ** 😈😈. I said in my calm voice its true "MONEY MAKES PEOPLE JUDGEMENTAL" then the whole group started arguing about "MONEY" Money creates opportunities, Money gives you freedom, Money helps you in achieving your dreams and goals, Money creates criminals and blah blah blah !!! it all stopped when one speaker at the event joined the conversation by saying "Why you guys are so much worried about the STRUCTURED THINGS ??" it will not lead you anywhere. Inside my head i said wow ! he spoked like a true motivational speaker.!.!.! 

This is your life and its ending one moment at a time.

Thanks For Reading

Prateek Gupta

12:25 AM

Delhi, India


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