beer and fizzy sodas and gatorade and water and coffee and green tea and brown bread and cookies and chips and popcorns and baked biscuits and orange juice and smoothies and oatmeal and pistachios and cashews and almonds and apricot and hazelnut and yogurt and bananas and apples and carrots and kale and broccoli and butter and fries and toast and cheese and pasta and cereal and chocolates and weed and adderall and xanax and aspirins and pain killers and becosules and cellulose and bourbon cookies and daily dairy and supplements and protein powder and shake mix and vitamins and minerals and nutrients and energy and calories and fat and cholestrol and blood and pressure and force and momentum and power and work done and confidence and lifestyle and fun and money and writing and phonography and loving and self care and sex and pleasure and personality and happiness and sadness and anxiety and depression and confusion and drama and crying and sleeping and waking up and walking and reading and travelling and listening and music and youtube and blogs and prime video and business and dreaming and creating and freedom beaches and islands and holidays and andaman sea and teamwork and friends and art and family and gym and home and workplace and college and whining and laughing and expressing and editing and gaining and winning and losing and advancing and growing and learning and scripting and calligraphy and managing and making and wwe and wrestlemania and drew barrymore and fever pitch and comics and captain america and christian and doubts and actions and instagram and twitter and vero and linked in and emailing and snapchat and viktre and watchable and watch and vitality and mini cooper and owl city and fight club and brave and real madrid and dark rising and comiccon and sensing and ricegum and goals and gallery 63 and 63 Ventures and Blogdom and Content and Kingdom and links and podcasts and radio shows and gary vee and jake paul and team 10 and insulin and AT&T and bitcoin and acorns and paypal and humble and most importantly,

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Prateek Gupta

12:16 AM

Delhi, India



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