13 Reasons Why 2

Almost 15 hours of Intensifying binge viewing in the last 2 days... can I call myself an Idiot ??? yeah, sure i will call myself an Idiot but what to do when Fiction which features real life issues is my calling. I finished '13 Reasons Why' Season 2 last night and after that my mind was so tired so i slept and today went on to live my day. There is something to the show and in general that i wanted to write about so, here i am.

Firstly, this is IMPORTANT: Please never hesitate to come to me for advice, love and acceptance. I hope to be your friend and a source of comfortability in your life just like everything we're all here together and let's be honest sh*t gets hard and we all get lonely at some point. Just don't be afraid to confront that side because I, your Friends and your Family will be here by your side. Once that hard point of your life is over imagine how Happy you would be.

Now coming on to the show Season two takes a look at that bigger picture. Where, we are no longer led by Hannah's narration, now the narrative is shaped around the classmates and some unseen polaroid photos that are revealed as legal proceedings of the case unfolds. Suicide is devastating and in my personal opinion the reel life on the show attaches with your mind intensely and Trigger Warning: if you're not a fan of Real Life based Fiction than this series isn't for you.

Conclusion: Don't Spread Rumors !

Thanks For Reading

Prateek Gupta

11:23 PM

Delhi, India


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