13 Reasons Why

Hey, its been more than 2 months since i was here on this link. I don't know why but i just didn't felt the need to publish any journal, for the record I've been in a good place lately like everything is FANTABULOUS !.!.! working out a lot, eating healthy, cutting the sodas and fizzy beverages have really helped me both physically and mentally.

Today, May 15th  and this is the period where my college finals are going on so, i had a day off. Finally, in a really longtime i used my Netflix subscription to watch the Season 1 of '13 Reasons Why' my promotional email list was filled with netflix features last year and it was one of them, anyway who even looks at them. Until you hear someone talking about them, in my case it was my friend who said to me ?? "Did you saw the trailer of 13 Reason Why season 2???" I replied "what is that ??? i haven't even watched the season 1 yet..." tell me about it. His Words when i asked about it - "You Gotta Watch It ! i'm a *NO SPOILER guy ! it is really good.

'13 Reasons Why' series is based on 2007 Novel(same name) by Jay Asher a teen mystery where a 17 year old high school girl kills herself and leaves 13 sides of cassette tapes behind, on which she has narrated the wrongdoings of those around her. It is sort of dark and woeful series because i personally will not let my loved ones watch it in bulk/binge it will try to make you cry so many horrendous incidents happening to a high school girl is kind of a heartbreak. Though it is funny, at times with a chiseled humor i can say it is one of its own kind. I may have joked about it on one of my Instagram Story but that was it, i had a 20 minutes of 'make up my mind' after i watched it in binge episode-by-episode.  and beware if you want Happy Endings, i can assure there isn't one (i didn't spoiled the plot if you haven't watched it yet). Season 2 is releasing on May 18th 2018 Only On Netflix

Conclusion: Terrible Behavior Leads to Horrendous Experiences.

Thanks For Reading

Prateek Gupta

12:29 AM

Delhi, India

Watch '13 Reasons Why' on Netflix: netflix.com/in/title/80117470

Help is available: bit.ly/schotines


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