'Decisions' we make them everyday, decisions leads us from one day to another, decisions change our way of living but most of them goes unnoticed like 'what should i wear today ?'  'what route should i take today to reach work and also to get a glimpse of my crush while heading to work ?' or 'what should i have for dinner ?' then in weeks or maybe months an important decision knocks at your door which can change your life forever. 

Hello, we're in the month of september already this means autumn season is just around the corner, Trees will be shedding their leaves at this fall of the month which is a perfect reminder of the nature to us that we should get ready with our cameras because we're all in a treat for some great captures. My Phone Camera will be busy this month *cheap plug please follow @gallery63photography on Instagram.

As a Playwright everything is going great and thanks to all of you for sending me positive thoughts about my OCD condition. This week i also had a conversation with one of my close creator friend said that my ‘comedy writing’ is a byproduct of my authenticity. If and when I am funny, it’s an accident. I don’t like acting. The amount of mental focus it requires is something I’m nowhere near passionate enough to get good at. 

At last NO REGRETS about anything !

Thanks For Reading

Prateek Gupta

11:05 PM

Delhi, India


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