When I'm at Writing workshops, watching movies or at general public conventions i observe people and their relationships in like how do they carry it ?  after a Lot of observing and roughly studying There is one thing that i kind of have a grasp upon, that you can't make somebody feel the way you do about them that's impossible. I know that its heartbreaking and rough but it is actually a Cold-Hard Fact. You always have to be honest with the other person and most importantly you have to be honest to yourself its all about the Honesty, thats how we can all really be. Don't lie right!? and at sometimes its okay to lie because its the important things that matter, if we talk about relationships some people who come into our life could really bring the different side in ourselves it can be bright or dark it doesn't matter the thing is that this side exists and it was inside you for all these years you don't have to hate it, it came out for the betterment of your soul and body if its bright or good keep it, but if its dark or bad you have to work on that to make it disappear, by all this i mean to say that the its nobody fault that something bad came up during your relationship, just go on and work on it do not make enormously bad decisions which almost more than 72% of the people take in these situation, in the end i also want to say that these are just my opinions based on my observations through all these years.

It all comes down to the person you look for in a crowded room

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Prateek Gupta

10:57 PM

Delhi, India


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