Diligent March

Its been over a month now since i last posted a excerpt from my life here... actually i was really busy this whole time. I pursued professional writing during this time, traveled a bit, celebrated Holi and most importantly: Lived my life. Back in February of this year I was at an improv class of my theatre where we were working on different techniques of improv acting obviously i am not an actor or an on screen performer i am more into the scripting and writing stuff but its a class so you have to do what your mentors tells you to do... they gave me a task to present a weird situation at a public bus terminal... It was Comedic in Genre and everyone knows i have resting depressed face. so i took a quick minute to thought about it and did my gig... it wasn't too bad our theatre coach said "Sometimes it is good if you're not leading a performance to a comedic ending" means it is okay if you're not funny sometimes just focus on doing your part right forget about audience for a moment and don't try to think what your audience perspective will be... only then you can only be perfect at a Gig. Always be interesting not funny. Overall sense of Optimism can be translated through any form of Art.

Doing The Work, Committing ! 

Movies I've  Watched this month:
Hereditary, Bumblebee, Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi, Stretch Marks, Vice and The Front Runner.

Thanks For Reading

Prateek Gupta

1:02 AM

Delhi, India


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