I don't believe none of the leaders the media is mentioning today everybody is crying and calling out each other for attention they don't care about the people or the country they actually only care about if their political party is in power or their pockets are filled with more election funds.so lets see what are they actually standing up for also I am not gonna mention them by their names:

1. The One: 

'A Narcissist can't die because then the Entire world would end' this sentence describes our Current Prime Minister really well in my opinion he cannot answer one single question in a proper debate and yet he wants movies to be made on him. 5 years back when he came in power and made a lot of promises and by saying A Lot i really mean "A LOT". The Bias Pre-Electoral Polls are rooting for him, Bias Media is rooting for him wherever he goes all he talks about is the failures of Governments before 2014 but not a single word about the promises he made to the youth of the country. According to him and his paid media if you do not agree with him on some of the decision he makes You're a disgrace to our Nation and his team of political leaders will notify you as an "Anti-National".

You know that he is another leader trying to gain votes for himself, using a tragedy for his own agenda and still people are praising him. Fools! listen up.

Socialization of Loss and Privatization of profit.

2. The Nepotism Clan:

'Age is just a number' so, first of all i am breaking the rules here for this first time in this journal history i will judge someone on the basis of their age and their one of a kind absolute nepotistic background in the politics. I don't want to offend anyone here but do you consider 48 years Young ??? I mean, Everyone knows this clan, They're here to keep the family name in the run and maybe eventually get that Prime Minister chair one day which looks absolutely impossible in this lifetime because of the senseless practices.

3. "They just want to be in the Know" aka Attention Seekers:

Mentioning Corruption and blame gaming everyone other than themselves its kind of a fucked up thing to do everywhere just to grab the attention looks like their only agenda is to make the Headlines next day.

One more thing why in this freaking twitter era you need  to do a press conference everytime. Coming onto the elections everybody is same !!! nothing is going to change Bias Media will make money there'll always be LEFT and RIGHT wings and if someone is doing different things they will get picked up by Bollywood for another Filmfare winning movie.

Take care of yourself and your family, these leaders are nothing they will whine for money and power again. Go out and Vote for the best candidate you think is in your Constituency.

Thanks For Reading

Prateek Gupta

1:11 AM

Delhi, India


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