dreamy dilemma

Watched and Reviewed some movies on Rottom this past week, I guess it could be a new frontier, if i continue it. To add even more focus and less distractions I tried to cut unhealthy beverages this week fully So that’s one more easy way to shape your environment and thus shape your habits, Half of 2019 has gone by, there was literally nothing to do except read,write or for a change go outside. It was awesome. I am writing again out of sheer boredom, I am also changing the path aka trying conventional things for once in my life, and I think its fine if you’re actually getting something done. Just writing out these words counts as doing something in my future book. And since I got this buzz on, I’m having a fun time while I do it. The thing about alcohol, is that is takes us to this place of unlimited possibilities. I mean when you're on alcohol everything sounds like a good idea. It’s wonderful but completely irrational and you don’t realize that until the next day. For a brief moment though, your consciousness was in this crazy paradigm that allowed just about anything and you felt free. It’s completely insane how much an impact simple outside substances can make on our reality. Writing has more to with feeling and how you feel then what’s actually being written. How you write- not what you write. It is exactly like How you talk to the girl - not what you say. It is time to enjoy reading again and stimulating our imaginations inside our head. Let’s read. Let’s write.


Thanks For Reading

Prateek Gupta

11:13 PM

Delhi, India


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