Don't be so quick to judge a person, take a chance to know the person before you judge a person and that goes for anybody not just me. Suppose if you hear something really negative about a person, please do not make an opinion right on the spot, there a three sides of every story asses the whole scenario/situation before you make an opinion.

Furthermore being Judgemental leads to negativity because of the obvious reason. In the past, I was all cool with it but in recent months I've learned a lot on how to be reactive in these such situations, being judged all the time is also depressive for oneself and As one who battles depression, I want to tell you that some days are extremely tough and on these days even getting out of bed in the morning can be a major accomplishment.

Storytime: Last Week me and one of my friend went to a Volkswagen Dealership to check out one of their cars, we liked the car but the sales representative there was so, rude like seriously he was judging both of us, because how we were dressed as it was a off day we were very casual with the clothes and seriously speaking he was like a total douche we were asking questions about the car, at moments he wasn't interested in answering our questions and he even said to us "you're wasting my time, do you even have money to buy the car" at that moment we felt so insulted and i personally really wanted to smack his face right there! but we got up politely and left. It was one of the worst experience at anywhere. But its all good my friend ended up, booking a Ford instead because of this fucking a**hole guy at Volkswagen Dealership.

update: we complained about this guy to the Volkswagen Helpline they apologized on behalf of him. but fuck these phony ass car dealerships the first rule in sales is: POTENTIAL Customer is a Customer.

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Prateek Gupta

10:03 PM

Delhi, India


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