Before starting this post I want to say that the content of this post is just my opinion on this subject and it doesn't apply to everyone. You know that Marriage is the number one cause of Divorce! not being sarcastic it's a cold-heart fact, and one of the most important reason why I don't want to get married at all, Wedding is a big scam, Marriage is just stupidity and bringing more human offsprings 'Babies' is like the most idiotic thing someone will ever freakin' do in already immensely Over-Populated Earth especially, when you are also seeing that every day every minute the resources on the Earth are declining. On the other hand, Marriage requires regular work, Trust and it is build on Sacrifices. About sacrifices - I'm already a Self-Centered guy, I cannot make an effort to sacrifice Fizzy Beverages for a healthy lifestyle then how I'll be able to make any sacrifice for my Partner, I mean there are thousand of reasons for not getting Married.

Once again these are just my thoughts and this only applies to myself do not get offended, I repeat do not get offended. No, hate if you're married or going to get married in the future its just my perspective on this whole subject. In a marriage or a relationship there will be times that you will always feel like your best isn't enough and also these super cringy/cheesy little things like  "If you would do anything for someone than you're only doing enough". trust me, it’s a business deal.

Extraordinary right!? like  take couples from fiction they're always GOALS ! but couples in real life... umm not so much right!? I'm a observer, whenever I'm in public settings I observe people on how they carry their relationship and after a lot of thinking and roughly studying There is one thing that i kind of have a grasp upon, that you can't make somebody feel the way you do about them that's impossible. You always have to be honest with the other person and most importantly you have to be honest to yourself its all about the Honesty, that's how we can all really be. Don't lie right!? and sometimes its okay to lie because its the important things that matter. Again, I’m not criticizing you if you’re married, or if you desire marriage.

In the end my take on relationships is that I believe in love, I believe in the journey of love, there should be no gender roles, both partners should be hustlers, no judgements, both should paybills, both should look at other people and treat them equally...


Staying up up and away from this Marriage thing.

Thanks For Reading

Prateek Gupta

9:37 PM

Delhi, India

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