I want to live on the other side, I want to live on the edge, man. Looks like fun, Everything is so happy and seriously, talking I don't how long I am going to feel this way, its great! So, for a very longtime I had a crush on this girl and yesterday I went to her and straight up said, HEY ! whats up... she was so surprised because i have never ever talked to her at work, I'm always very quiet. She thought it was funny we had a conversation it went very smoothly, obviously nothing happened but i really do think that she might be wondering what has happened to me. I mean its crazy, even i didn't know what happened to me yesterday. I daydream a lot. Like all the time. because of that I lose attention talking to other people. but I'm a realist I always confess everything here on this journal, and I also think that girl, whom i talked to do not read this at all. Why I'm being so fidgety here I'm never like this. Lost in Thoughts.

I'm so done with this College thing, already no more structured things for me anymore. Time is now, main goal now is to put the Money in the Bank. I have to figure some things out quickly. Family is important, Friends who I've known for a longtime are important. Exactly, I will never be one clever person so, I just have to be Insightful.

Work Study Work Write it down Make it happen.

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Prateek Gupta

12:47 AM

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