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So, Everyone’s concept of cool is different, i started the post with 'So' it is grammatically incorrect wait is it!? Nobody cares. As i was saying everyone's concept of being cool is extremely different, for some Money is cool, for some having a nerdy collection of something is cool but Basically, people who live in the moment are actually the Coolest people. Interesting people that live their own life and say what they want that’s my idea of cool. So, can people change with time ? It’s kind of a mystery. Sometimes I get in these moods and get all hyped up like nothing is wrong, be all healthy, think long-term, logical. boring decisions on the road to SUCCESS! Then the next day I’m back to my normal ‘Fun World’ paradigm. Do we'll strive to be better? Or do we just enjoy the ride and go with the flow? Can there be a balance? Tell me this. If one guy lives his life eating oats and brown bread with peanut butter with a caffeine drink in hand every morning and he’s happy. he grows and grows in everything in his life like career and all, but suddenly dies of a heart attack at the age of 60, was he cool according to the normal people.

I don't know why but i think a lot about this stuff a lot. July and August are like nostalgia months with great movies and all. like that fast and the furious spin-off "Hobbs and Shaw" plus Lion King which is a freaking amazing movie. I guess the songs and scenes in that movie will stick with me for my whole life.

ending this on a positive note. please Homo Sapiens Live Your Life. do whatever you want to do people. Life is short and you're not getting younger.

Thanks For Reading

Prateek Gupta

12:38 AM

Delhi, India.


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