this post is for the people who get triggered and offended on jokes made by comedians, and before starting I want to clear that I'm only talking about the comedy done by comedians and the content which meant to be for a comedic show or a movie, not for a mate hurting you in front of your other mates. 'Comedy' is subjective you might not find Someone funny regarding the content of his comedy or the way one delivers the joke. But that doesn't mean that everyone wouldn't find that funny, Different People have different sense of humor.

For Instance some people like Jake Paul, some like Key and Peele. some people like Sean Lock, or some people might like Nikki Glaser its comedy in different spectrums. Sometime it gets offensive I get it, It gets distasteful but its him/her showing the world how fucked up we all are through the medium of comedy.

Its Unfiltered to the point, brutal and to the point where discomfort kicks in but we all have to understand that is how satire works. My past self was like this too, getting offended by everything a comedian said about the person I idolize. I just want to say if a comedian tells a joke so fucked up that it hurts your feelings then stop watching the show right at that moment. Because you getting butt hurt about a Joke doesn't mean that Person is a racist or a pedophile. rather he is making fun of the social anomalies we're so fed up with.

So, this is all I had to say about this about the people who gets offended by comedy as for my personal passion writing projects going its weird that some days i think that I am a genius, I am like the Mozart of the words and some days I think I just wanna throw my Laptop into the sea and then walk into the sea, There is no in between them. its hard but I'm Consistent so, some results might show themselves soon.

Thanks For Reading

Prateek Gupta

11:28 PM

Delhi, India


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