Lockdown #3: Finding the Passion

It’s gonna take me a while to get back in the swing of things, but it is good to be writing again. Somewhere along the way, I stopped doing those things I am the most passionate about. I am not certain when or why that happened. I only know that it has been an extended period of time since I have done those things I used to be the most passionate about, writing, making beats and serious photography. The simple explanation could be that I got bored with it all. That may still be true but I think perhaps that it is more than that. I seem to have forgotten that there is a big difference between simply existing and actually living.

If I am going to find my passions again, I need to start exploring more avenues in life. I need to find out what does excite me about living again. I may choose the wrong paths along the way, but that is what learning to live again is all about. Where the heck do I start? Is there a magic secret to it all? One thing I do know about myself is that when I don’t have new challenges, I tend to get bored. When that happens, I just sort of go on autopilot. I go through the motions, but the excitement dissipates quickly. Maybe learn a new Language ?!? 

So why haven’t I done anything about it? I wish I had the answer to that. It comes down to procrastination, money, and a feeling that if I can’t do it right, why bother. You want the truth? They are all just excuses. If you really want something you have to actually take action. Once this Lockdown is over man, I am going to live every ounce of my life and never going to take anything for granted.

Being in Lockdown for 17 days now I have understood one thing that Our Life infact is a tremendous Journey and everyone deserves a chance to start over.

Tie my handle bars to the stars So, I can stay on the track.

Thanks For Reading

Prateek Gupta

11:54 PM



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