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It's an encouraging thing when you pour yourself into something and people go out of their way to let you know that they enjoy it. like even priceless. Just for once I want my life to be like a 90s movie. As I said earlier I have a lot of extra aimless and senseless material which is of no use, i will be throwing all of that here from now on. because why not ?! below is one excerpt, i wrote randomly: -Twenty Two- I looked in the mirror in the morning and what did I see? A average dark twenty-two year old looking back at me. How is that possible, how can it be? Wasn’t it yesterday I was nineteen? was living my best life, without all the worries. With twenty-five just a stone’s throw away I begin to wonder how to keep it all at bay Then I realize some aren’t blessed to see that day Life is short and I'm not getting younger, I wanna get rich like JP and Corden, 100k a month , sounds pretty golden. Another decade? to see... I think I’ll be okay. update* on


Hey There ! 2019 you came. Its true we've come a long way by the way How's Everyone ??? please do tell me how you all are on the instagram ( @prattg63 ) my dm's are open for anybody who wants to talk about anything they want. Well, for me The Mumps canceled every plan I had to celebrate new year. For a whole week, My face was looking like Thanos(from Infinity War) face with a weird allergy to my jawline. Now, its totally fine but for that whole week i was so horrified of myself  like what the hell has happened to my face, till i researched  about it on google, atlast that was a good relief because my doctor was not even telling what it was. I get it, i should change my doctor but another reason why i was so afraid of it because i thought its a bad case of my OCD Medication reaction. It has never happened to me but I've heard that its the most probable case so, for that reason first time in 7 months Lexapro and Zoloft are on the shelves umm I've decided not to tak

unflattering description

Words play an active role in everyone lives, well surely it does have a lot of importance in my life last week, i got reviewed by my editor and it was terrible. There is still a lot of work needed to be done, my editor; she is really good at what she does and always tells me if i'm going wrong that is actually what i admire the most about her. She wrote a one-liner about my unpublished manuscript stating "Writer is presenting an unflattering description !" and after i got the e-mail i saw UNFLATTERING DESCRIPTION was written in bold and my spirits went down. but, that is the thing you get down and some things come to cheer you up. The bad is the enemy of the best, I have a good life i got better since last year i remember when I was sad. I really don't like talking about being sad. I think the term "depression" is overused, If it’s circumstantial, then you’re just sad. And there’s so much more stigma about being sad than being depressed. obviously I didn&

not Updated

The Dream which never lets you sleep is your greatest DREAM ever.... hello, there !!! once again i left this place not updated without any reasons, *taking a moment and asking myself ...were there any reasons at all ??? *mind replied via my fingers on the keyboard "no not at all just living my life !!!" DIWALI week ended yesterday ! it was great to have family and friends over, i consumed a lot of sugar this past weekend... watched FIGHT CLUB for the 200th time just before publishing this post - "CLASSIC" as always...  Things are happening around. LIFE is moving !.!.! "May I never be complete. May I never be content. May I never be perfect" - FIGHT CLUB Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta 12:17 AM Delhi, India


I'm being way too comfy with my life these days I should probably work more instead of finding different kind of excuses not to work everyday.... finding the perfect motivation is so hard because when you will find it maybe at that time your life would've moved on... but like the last post this is called LOSING THE HOPE and setting myself free I have a mini-micro-nano online Business, i have fun have some friends and more stuff like that to be happy..... biggest them of all my new buddy CONTENTMENT is keeping me not to look back at the failures and reminds me that this is the Job well done. I'm an Observant plus I Emphasize Happiness to live life !.!.!.! my kind of love: Internet Life... Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta 1:03 am Delhi, India Free Audiobooks here:


To live with the Knowledge of remembering the statistics and reach of your work is a REWARD. I am getting so much compliments these days the latest one of them was given by a good friend he said "Prateek You're Insightful !!!" i said thank you lets get some fizzy beverages bro... he replied oh yes why not ??? The Experiences i lived are by far the most phenomenal moments of my life... sometimes the things aren't comfortable and fun... but you can learn from them thats your REWARD. Do The Work, Walk More, Read More, Eat More and Get Involved In Things .... LIVE LIFE !.!.!.! - Vital Beats Coming Soon On Soundcloud and YouTube........ Bring Your Mysterious Thoughts To Life Seriously, Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta 9:03 PM Delhi, India

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Some things just makes me so calm like Game of Thrones Season 7 premiered today and almost everyone in my circle was watching it and talking about it Ed Sheeran was in it and blah blah blah blah ..... but i was griding like everyday writing some stuff down. Improvising a sketch script and working on a little manuscript. The Content Grind makes me so happy because most of the time I am a lazy person who eats and drinks fizzy beverages. At this point i want to keep my plans Wonderful and just being a normal person sticking on to his PLAN.!.!.!.!.! LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION --- live your life ..... Highlight of My Life: Internet . Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta 1:36 am Delhi, India

Embarrassing Popcorn Encounter

Haha!! this can be super funny for you people but let me tell you it was one of the most embarrassing incidents happened with me during the last month Storytime: * In the beginning of June one of my friend and me went to PVR Cinemas to see Tom Cruise's latest mystery thriller "The Mummy" okay so i am starting to have weird tickles in my stomach while i am writing this post lets go back to the story again... so, our tickets were already booked on BookMyShow(shoutout)  so we showed our e-tickets on the front desk and got the access to go inside the cinema premises but literally one of the most embarrassing moment was waiting for us in the form of "POPCORN MESS" we ordered a large bucket of classic salted popcorn from the food outlet of PVR Cinemas as soon as we took the POPCORN from the counter it f**king slip away from my hands POPCORN here POPCORN there .... and a corridor full of people were seeing me like a criminal i felt so embarrassed but really a big than


Life is so amazingly better these days everything i am doing is opening new ways for me i am glad that i started writing and it made me so much confident and knowledgeable. 21 Months back i didn't had any passions i wasn't sure what to do with myself that was one of the loneliest and negative period of time for me but thanks to inspirational and entertaining podcasts who were there to support me during that time my motivation came from those podcasts and Now Today Work is Beautiful i kind of have an online business i have friends i have important things to do..... this is life !.!.!.!.! Enjoy Your Struggle While You're in it Because One Day You will Miss It So Much.... making world a special place with one short post at a time... :) Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta 11:58 PM Delhi, India


These Days Hectic study and chilling schedules are killing me my main site is lacking in consistency what am i doing ???? i don't know i need to put more and more effort into the content again but the fact is i am ignoring everything because of easy money my work in the past is paying me more than some of my recent stuff i did thats why they say HARDWORK ALWAYS PAYS WELL ah.huh... its true right now i am a lazy blogger who doesn't write anymore this was my hobby when i started it but now i have sponsors, partnerships and royalities... i think i am doing this for money now i have to stop thinking about the money part for now i want to be that kid again who watched every movie and pay per view just so that he can write a honest review afterwards !.!.!.!.! WordGod Please Help Me...... It's Better To Do What Feels Natural To You. Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta 12:09 AM Delhi, India


What is LIFE ?  its 18 of March today i go to college everyday to take lectures meet my friends and to laugh at my crew in Theatre in short i just like to laugh and have fun.... i take notes of everything happening around me my phone is filled with weird and random notes the only thing which runs in my mind is how i can i improve myself ? i want to STAY CONSISTENT with whatever i am doing not the wrong things though.... i do whatever i want i dont take myself seriously i am emotionally disconnected i want to be a PRO at whatever i am doing.... I Don't know where this post is going or what it's original purpose was but it feels good to be positive again.... YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta 9.31 AM Delhi, India


Since the last three months I've got a overwhelming response on my  website which is really incredible and over the last year I got a good base to grow that website independently the only thing I am doing wrong is that I am not consistent with writing when I first started it I used to love writing all the time about wrestling and sports I am not saying that I don't love writing anymore I just have to be more consistent about it plus now I have a team who handles the social profiles of that website and I have to say I am really impressed with them they're doing more than fine but the problem is with me I am not consistent and I don't know why ?? why ?? I will be back momentarily. Thanks For Reading  Prateek Gupta 1.18 PM Delhi, India