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super cheat week

The longer you go without working out, the more muscle mass you loose, the more weight you gain, the less likely you’ll start working out again. Same goes with posting journals the longer you go without posting the more anxious you get about actually posting one, the less likely you’ll start posting again. It’s like living in a world full of everything and nothing. So, my day started and i randomly decided that this whole week will be a super cheat week and is going to be filled with Fizzy Beverages, Beer, Burger King, and all the other poisonous things you can think of. Complete Freaking Freedom. About Writing my manuscripts are almost at final stages and more on this subject is coming later, but once in a blue moon I always have a day like this where I seem to get my life in order in merely a few hours. I always think that this might transfer over to tomorrow but it rarely does. Right back to latency; it is perplexing. I promise that i will achieve all these things one day: St

manic Monday

To live with the Knowledge of remembering the statistics and reach of your work is a REWARD. I am getting so much compliments these days the latest one of them was given by a good friend he said "Prateek You're Insightful !!!" i said thank you lets get some fizzy beverages bro... he replied oh yes why not ??? The Experiences i lived are by far the most phenomenal moments of my life. Sometimes the things aren't comfortable and fun, but you can always learn from them thats your REWARD. Do The Work, Walk More, Read More, Eat More and Get Involved In Things. LIVE LIFE !.!.!.! Thoughts from Just Another Manic Monday. "The lower you fall, the higher you'll fly" - Fight Club Seriously, Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta 11:03 PM Delhi, India


I recorded myself on a camera for the first time in a while, everyone here will now think how is that a big deal now ??? trust me, its a big deal for me, Anxious folks will understand that better. I watched it afterwards and i fell asleep because of my voice tone but my friendly therapist said "its a good progress, atleast you did a little effort this time around to work on your introverted attitude" I laughed during the whole conversation with him that video is really funny to me who knows ??? maybe i'll put it on Youtube. Anyway its the season of joy "Its Christmas Time" on December 24th , i went out and had a great time, Energy Drinks, Fizzy Beverages were absolutely amazing and The cafe where we had food was incredible, Overall an evening of giddy fun. Just so to let you all know that I am writing this post in a Car and my buddies are playing loud music right now because we're stuck in the middle of highway with this massive gurugram traffic jam. MERR


Sundays are Surely the fun days for me. My Kind of fun include bunch of Good Movies, Brand Supreme junk snacks and unlimited stock of Fizzy Beverages. The Happiness streak was all around during the whole day first i got good news regarding my work and company which i am about to setup, Seeing the great movies was definitely a stress busting break from a Long Month of work, and i felt insightful while looking back on to everything i did in the past month - The Money, The Work and most importantly The Life all were processed pretty good. I'm gonna go watch "Funny People" now. My Insightful Epiphany "Everything is Better" !.!.!.! Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta 12:11 AM Delhi, India


Junk food addiction is real i tried to go out to do workout but couldn't really made it in results bread, sugar and fizzy drinks are right now my biggest enemy i need to stop it but i can't because whenever i stop taking these i got seizures headaches and my mind my body keeps urging for these things i am being serious what ? should i do.... writing this post somehow makes me happy because i am not living a healthy life Habits wise its a miserable mess. There is this thing people told me about called "SELF-CONTROL" and i don't have it which is why from now on i should start looking more into it i am just waiting it out, reading more, sleeping more...... a Mountain Dew oh well Bring It On !.!.!.! Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta 11:03 PM Delhi, India


Yesterday, i was at the movies with some of my friends i met one of my old friend there.. What's That? My friend asked me pointing at my authentic T-shirt i said this was a promotional gift from a independent wrestling promotion in States(U.S.) then she said "whoa ! i know that you've told me 100 times before" i am pointing at your stomach what is happening ?? last time i saw you were not this BIG(she actually called me FAT) i laughed so hard and told her this is my lifestyle now... i am lazy, i love food and i don't workout then she tried to lecture me about these habits she asked "Are You Happy With This Lifestyle ?" i replied "Happier than Ever" Food is fun Workout is hard and Free Mcdonalds is heaven these days she wasn't pleased at all with my answer then we saw the movie and i came back home... #VitalFam also welcomed their first DSLR cam yesterday !.!.!.!.! FOOD First :) Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta 11:24 PM Delhi, In

Good Time

What Up?? Everyone Prateek here so my semester exams are giving me a little bit of more work these days this is why i haven't been posting so much overall i've been doing fine with work, studies and life. The video on Love Rudrakash channel is doing great in terms of concept and likes plus the facebook version of that comedy sketch crossed over 500K views overall which is great. The amount of mental focus i am putting in everything these days is just incredible i am more passionate than ever and my Confidence is like a Skyscraper for now... Work- GOLD, Studies- GOLD, Relationships- GOLD, Friendships- PLATINUM i am living like there are no worries at all and finally i can say that i finally have that special friend.... i am not bitter T****a i miss you  !.!.!.! NEVER LET INSECURITIES RUN YOUR LIFE... Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta 12:26 AM Delhi, India Free Audiobooks here:


Sometimes i really wish that i wasn't as dramatic as I am, but whatever !!! i am extremely happy i am busy i have multiple gigs but this is just the beginning i am not even a consistent performer right now thats why i am working hard on my network i will only release it if i am supremely confident and satisfied with it because i did take so much wrong decisions with my other unsuccessful gigs so it might drop next month or maybe it could take 2-3 months of time i am investing so much in that network so let's hope for the best !.!.!.! and i'm not bitter i miss you T***a...... Anyway  Better Yourself  Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta' 9:17 PM Delhi, India.


I focus on almost Everything which is happening around my life i am so grateful that i have so much to do WORK is a secondary thing but when you love doing something and it pays you nothing is better than that this is the most awkward time to even write because i just came home from the movies i saw "Fast & Furious 8" in Hindi which was pretty great the dubbing artist who did the dubbing for Tyrese Gibson is fabulous Hats Off to him it was crazy comic timing oops by the way i was talking about the FOCUS umm it is going pretty well with me i am focusing on Happiness, Treating Myself Right and More Growth.... although somethings are there which i am still upset about but thats how the way it all goes.... you win some and you lose some.!.!.!.! Music Forever and Always.... Flow Longlive The Redbull and Fizzy Beverages !!!! Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta 10:21 PM Delhi, India