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The hardest part of being a writer is still the first read allowing yourself to be that vulnerable. well that was some way to start this post anyway someone asked me "Do you have Low Self-Esteem ?" and i was not even shocked because i took no time in replying by saying "NO !" to that person, I know that i have a resting depressed face but saying that i have Low Self Esteem is just the next level of Judging people especially when you don't even know me that well !.!.! We all feel nervous or afraid to do things at times but i'm pretty sure the decisions i have made have done a lot of good things for me. Achieving your goals always help to increase your self-esteem. I have always encouraged criticism about me and my opinions but saying the mean things like these causes so much low-confidence Seriously please don't say that to anyone. Negative things can bring people down so much. The only way to cope with these types of situations is by avoiding things an…


Reading and writing is purely a hobby for me oh but only reading is a hobby Writing is like my work it pays me i take writing as fun and passion and from the last 8 months now when the money got involved i even took it seriously. Sometimes all the things i have makes a lot of sense for me. I work from Home i don't have a boss i study and i can do whatever i want while doing this i can get off whenever i want. I don't like having a boss i don't like structured things i am a free thinking wondering guy who wants to make a name for himself and to earn almost all the luxuries of life i love staying busy with lot of stuff around me. when i think about the past where people were always like bully me because of my skin color i don't care about them anymore life is a movie only time will tell what is going to happen next don't live in the past be here now don't worry about the future just get excited about it. Don't be mad over about the past, be glad that it happ…


I was out for some phonography today and i didn't know why i felt so unnatural and forced while i was taking pictures. In the morning my friend called me to go out with him and other mates to club or some place where EDM is around but i didn't felt like going to club or enjoying high bass music in the first place i chose phonography over club but i was thinking about the club during phonography session i guess it was one of those days where i didn't feel better doing anything. The main thing happening today with me was "Unneccessary Thoughts" about some stuff which is not even related to me... i am figuring out some stuff around me... I Am Weird ... and i hate goodbye's....

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Prateek Gupta

12:26 AM

Delhi, India


We are just living and its so important to have a GOAL because the society says so, & between all this mess on aiming and reaching to your GOAL sometimes you totally forget the process but then again before we reach our 'GOAL' we judge everyone's action and forget that they are also trying to reach a GOAL just like us... but in the end No One Cares about your accomplishments not even your parents... its true !!! I'm not sure about the good and evil theory here... and this was me again giving another weird opinion of mine on something .... wait !! What was it ??? 'GOAL'
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Prateek Gupta \ 12.37 am
Delhi, India