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vital times

this is a post for my friends
and acquaintances from miles around,
i know its been a long time since
i've put a short post out,

but i swear it won't be
long now till the
weird kid reappears,
in the fall of 2018
you would see my words,

yeah it's alright now,
this dream of mine came true,
i hope the sad posts i write means
some more to you,

yeah it's alright now,
the time is here at last,
i know it's long since overdue but,
PG is back !

I'd rather pick flowers instead of fights - Adam Young

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Prateek Gupta

11:42 PM

Delhi, India


When I'm at Writing workshops, watching movies or at general public conventions i observe people and their relationships in like how do they carry it ?  after a Lot of observing and roughly studying There is one thing that i kind of have a grasp upon, that you can't make somebody feel the way you do about them that's impossible. I know that its heartbreaking and rough but it is actually a Cold-Hard Fact. You always have to be honest with the other person and most importantly you have to be honest to yourself its all about the Honesty, thats how we can all really be. Don't lie right!? and at sometimes its okay to lie because its the important things that matter, if we talk about relationships some people who come into our life could really bring the different side in ourselves it can be bright or dark it doesn't matter the thing is that this side exists and it was inside you for all these years you don't have to hate it, it came out for the betterment of your s…

Delirious - The Poem

Oh ! hey everyone i compiled something...


Just a second, i'm gonna laugh because i'm delirious ,
I need to put my effort into something serious,
and i need another break from all this ghost writing please,
Stay fresh Stay the best and Stay quality.

Quit all these thoughts, that are really bugging me,
Meditate my way to the seniority,
Quit the xanax and other anti-depressants for real fam,
Bonnie wright will probably be single then,
Me at a party and we be friends,

Life is short and i'm not getting younger,
I wanna get rich like JP and Corden,
80 k a month , sounds pretty golden,
May be get a wife and kids for extra motive,

I will publish the book, please don't rush me,
I need to practice a little more, just trust me,
Are you mad ??? that i'm good with words,
Then I'm so sorry because you're second and I'm first.


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Prateek Gupta

12:29 AM

Green Park, Delhi, India

1. 2. 3. Highlight

Some things just makes me so calm like Game of Thrones Season 7 premiered today and almost everyone in my circle was watching it and talking about it Ed Sheeran was in it and blah blah blah blah ..... but i was griding like everyday writing some stuff down. Improvising a sketch script and working on a little manuscript. The Content Grind makes me so happy because most of the time I am a lazy person who eats and drinks fizzy beverages. At this point i want to keep my plans Wonderful and just being a normal person sticking on to his PLAN.!.!.!.!.! LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION --- live your life .....

Highlight of My Life: Internet .

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Prateek Gupta

1:36 am

Delhi, India


Hey ! Everyone So I Received A Comment On The Main Site Last Week and It was:

"Hello, I check your blogs like every week. Your humoristic style is awesome, keep up the good work!" - Sergio Gomez

this is the thing i live for i mean really a big thanks for appreciating and it is kind of weird that you're finding humor in my writings most of the time they're depressing for people and some people also target me about my grammatical mistakes its alright people i know i am not a literature scholar or something.... i am another 20 year old lad doing his own thing so that after 5 years i will not blame myself for not trying or experimenting with my multiple gigs. My life is vibrant and very powerful at this point of time everything is working out i am busy achieving new goals everyday !.!.!.! umm PEACE out .......!!!

Be Rushed Be Unfocused You Will Find Your Way. [works for me]

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Prateek Gupta

1:09 am

Delhi, India


Another day passed i am right back to latency oh my god it is perplexing another one of those days where i asked myself what's up ??? how's it going.... my inner self answered i don't know i wanted to go out so badly today but i couldn't maybe because i am the most laziest person on earth... i always think why my hardworking days never repeat themselves in February of 2017 i was talking about how i am always on grind till my gig is perfect... well that spirit is long gone i need to find it back !.!.! my lifestyle includes heavy junk food and veggies with lots of fizzy beverages & still at this point i think that i will hit the GYM someday and will work on my obesified(new word) body.
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Prateek Gupta
12:27 am
Delhi, India

The Pact

There are 99 problems and 0 solution !!! my friend asked to me what if we couldn't achieve the goal we're aiming for i replied "then WE'RE DONE" Game Over everything wasted the amount of influence power we put in on it will be long gone.... than after saying all of this i said to her why would you even ask me that ???  you know what will happen our lives will not be changing in a good way people around us will call us fools !.!.! i mean majority of them still call us that... after all this long haul of negative conversation we agreed on a a pact that we will never ever talk about this again its really really complicated !.!.!

Never Say Never

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Prateek Gupta

10:53 PM

Delhi, India