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Hey, Mark Dohner...

Hey, you don’t recognize me as a conscious being, but I exist and am constantly around the like buttons on your vlogs, and I want to speak up for once, after listening to your some of your recent podcasts with Pierson  so, real quick…

I lurk and pay attention everything you do and have been since I discovered you during 2017 Summer. And from then to now you ended up becoming a huge inspiration that I never really thought I’d find or need since I’m very emotionally self sufficient and independent, and just assume I’d always value my own time and making meaningful contributions way before connecting. You’ve proved me wrong there. I know that I must feed my brain by embracing my creativity and striving to be more articulate and assertive in catering my own path. Along with learning in this unconventional way. I view you as comedic smart in multiple ways, and it’s an amazing thing to watch in the vlogs, and especially the year 2020 with your songs becoming my spotify playlist starters.


Why I Stopped Writing for Indian YouTubers ???

I am going to be totally honest about some of the creators on YouTube here in India. So, I used to write for some big creators in India I have written over 40 odd sketch scripts and general monologue content in 2017 and 2018 for different Youtubers here, first up they seem totally nice when you watch them on Youtube but not so much when you write for them, They're the absolute worst. You know as they say "Reality is often Disappointing" it is the perfect saying. All of them are pretty narc up in there brains first they totally think that a writer who writes for them doesn't deserve to be paid... like they're doing a favor to us using our content to make money.

* "We will give you Credits" is the most popular sentence and it always comes first out of their mouth.

* It is always your fault when they can't enact a scene from your Written monologue.

* "Come up with something fresh, dude!" like you're paying me a heck load of a money to do…


* “This is your life and its ending one moment at a time.”  -  Fight Club

* "Life doesn't give us purpose, we give Life a purpose" -  Flash

* "Every morning i look myself in the Mirror and ask myself a Question 'What If, if this is it ???' " - Jay 'Christian' Reso

* "Our Lives are defined by opportunities, Even the ones we miss" - Brad Pitt

* "Reality is a Lovely Place, but i wouldn't want to live there" - Owl City

* "Life is a struggle, When you're a muggle" - Slytherin Clan

* "Sometimes Young Minds Overflow" - Alice Miles

* "When You Dream Big You Eventually Attract Big Things" - Gina Carano

* "I never dreamed about success, I worked for it" - KSI

* "Wrestling fans Oh we're kind of a unique breed" - Lita

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Prateek Gupta

1:58 AM

Delhi, India

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To live with the Knowledge of remembering the statistics and reach of your work is a REWARD. I am getting so much compliments these days the latest one of them was given by a good friend he said "Prateek You're Insightful !!!" i said thank you lets get some fizzy beverages bro... he replied oh yes why not ??? The Experiences i lived are by far the most phenomenal moments of my life... sometimes the things aren't comfortable and fun... but you can learn from them thats your REWARD. Do The Work, Walk More, Read More, Eat More and Get Involved In Things .... LIVE LIFE !.!.!.! - Vital Beats Coming Soon On Soundcloud and YouTube........

Bring Your Mysterious Thoughts To Life


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Prateek Gupta

9:03 PM

Delhi, India


HOYEHH...  everybody how are you guys doing ??? i admit last post was kind a depressing one but you know what that post gave me a push to work even harder and because of that today turned out to be a good productive day i finally did some of my pending writing gigs ahoy it was a good day....  i feel great in other ways i did some polarized type of work but it is good that i did something today.... i am grateful that my needs are fulfilled by time to time... atlast you're always on your own !.!.!.!

Making My Life Better with One Short Post At a Time....

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Prateek Gupta

10:43 PM

Delhi, India


Hate Without Purpose

Bieberfever is all over in India from these last couple of weeks and few hours earlier one of my closest friend got to watch Justin Bieber perform live in navi mumbai she told me how incredible the whole purpose tour concert was with special guests like EDM sensation Alan Walker who put on a great performance at D.Y Patil Stadium in Navi Mumbai and everything was all hyped up as Justin Bieber was performing in india for the very first time all the fans in attendance were happy but on twitter i saw a lot of hate from the people who used to love bieber melodies as kids but now they can't digest the fact that justin is a multi-millionaire pop sensation and has the greatest fanbase in the world... most of the people who didn't even attended the show are saying "Oh !! The Bieber Concert was S**T" he was doing lipsync it was awful so, what do you expect ?? do you want him to sing night lores into your ears... grow up people  if you can't respect him than atleast show …

Good Time

What Up?? Everyone Prateek here so my semester exams are giving me a little bit of more work these days this is why i haven't been posting so much overall i've been doing fine with work, studies and life. The video on Love Rudrakash channel is doing great in terms of concept and likes plus the facebook version of that comedy sketch crossed over 500K views overall which is great. The amount of mental focus i am putting in everything these days is just incredible i am more passionate than ever and my Confidence is like a Skyscraper for now... Work- GOLD, Studies- GOLD, Relationships- GOLD, Friendships- PLATINUM i am living like there are no worries at all and finally i can say that i finally have that special friend.... i am not bitter T****a i miss you  !.!.!.!


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Prateek Gupta

12:26 AM

Delhi, India

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After lucking out myself in blogging and website business, this is the road where i am getting the pressure to better myself and take my career to the next level So, what's next???  NETWORK is next i am expecting that i can grow myself better from it i am working a lot these days so somethings are stressful but technically everything i am doing is gaining momentum and i love this i could do all of this for the rest of my life without any dread - WRITING, JOURNALISM, NON-FICTION, and short stories. By the way my script has been converted into a Comedy Sketch you can check it out on Love Rudrakash Youtube Channel plus I am so relieved that my main site hit 400K last week which is really incredible and soon i will be coming with more reviews and good content over there !.!.!.!.!
You Are Your Only Limit......
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Prateek Gupta
11:13 PM
Delhi, India

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Last Night i was scrolling through my facebook feed where a video was recommended for me it was titled "Un-Fair" and it was from one of the most popular Youtuber in India Bhuvan Bam it was heart touching and i suggest everyone should watch that video right now it was about the racism in India i have a dark complexion so i know it all how people discriminate you but i never did really cared about those people who do this such stupidity. So Why do we hate ??? We Hate because we're taught to hate we hate because we are ignorant we are the product of some ignorant people who taught us ignorant things which states that there are 5 or 6 different races but in reality there are no 5 or 6 different races there is only one race which we are all part of and that is HUMAN RACE. We have seperated people into different races so some of us can call themselves SUPERIOR from others we thought that it could work but you know what it didn't worked at all it has been BAD for Everyone …