A Person success can be measured by the number of conversation he/she is having with multiple people in the business !.!.!.!  storytime: so, my 15 minutes work period a day is completely changing itself now. I am busy with multiple types of profit making making activities a day that is why i am not even available for my short post journal here but anyway this is a drafted post i wrote this post few days back while i was traveling in a Metro heading towards a place where profit making activity was in the process...... thats why it begun with a little dramatic push but once again i am giving it a shi**y ending !.!.!.! Get Money Get Paid and You Gotta Live It Long .!.!.!.! Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta 12:34 AM Delhi, India

The Pact

There are 99 problems and 0 solution !!! my friend asked to me what if we couldn't achieve the goal we're aiming for i replied "then WE'RE DONE" Game Over everything wasted the amount of influence power we put in on it will be long gone.... than after saying all of this i said to her why would you even ask me that ???  you know what will happen our lives will not be changing in a good way people around us will call us fools !.!.! i mean majority of them still call us that... after all this long haul of negative conversation we agreed on a a pact that we will never ever talk about this again its really really complicated !.!.! Never Say Never Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta 10:53 PM Delhi, India

Fidget Life

Easiest way to not feel guilty about your bad habits is to just work and find something attractive in working and always be humble to people around you i found happiness in working so i do all this just for fun there is this famous saying  "You Only Live Once" so in my personal opinion everyone should try his/her best to do it all. Story Time: yesterday i was on this continuous train of thought that circulated in my mind while i stare at my laptop i was thinking of new ideas for my upcoming projects but couldn't really execute anyone of them because of continuous stressful thoughts then i took a break and went on to play with the Fidget Spinner i bought the other day trust me ! it really is a stress buster it helped me with the continuous anxiety i was getting from working late nights and long days i recommend Fidget Spinner to every person of any age group it is a stress buster and fun to play with at the same time !.!.!.! LONG LIVE THE FIDGET SPINNERS !!! #TheFidgetL


Junk food addiction is real i tried to go out to do workout but couldn't really made it in results bread, sugar and fizzy drinks are right now my biggest enemy i need to stop it but i can't because whenever i stop taking these i got seizures headaches and my mind my body keeps urging for these things i am being serious what ? should i do.... writing this post somehow makes me happy because i am not living a healthy life Habits wise its a miserable mess. There is this thing people told me about called "SELF-CONTROL" and i don't have it which is why from now on i should start looking more into it i am just waiting it out, reading more, sleeping more...... a Mountain Dew oh well Bring It On !.!.!.! Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta 11:03 PM Delhi, India


Life is so amazingly better these days everything i am doing is opening new ways for me i am glad that i started writing and it made me so much confident and knowledgeable. 21 Months back i didn't had any passions i wasn't sure what to do with myself that was one of the loneliest and negative period of time for me but thanks to inspirational and entertaining podcasts who were there to support me during that time my motivation came from those podcasts and Now Today Work is Beautiful i kind of have an online business i have friends i have important things to do..... this is life !.!.!.!.! Enjoy Your Struggle While You're in it Because One Day You will Miss It So Much.... making world a special place with one short post at a time... :) Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta 11:58 PM Delhi, India


The Moment where your own Thoughts and Imaginations turn against you is the time where you should not do anything just wait for things to cool down and start thinking about all the positive things you have done in your life because in the end you have no control over the results you're about to get after doing some unique activities. Everything happens has a cause and a effect on to our life the results can make you depressed or a victim of social anxiety but it is up to you how you handle these ruiner bombs  I know some people will think that why i am this f***ing weird but i don't care about anything you have all the rights to have your own opinion. thats how it all ends !.!.!.!.! Short-Term decisions you make always play a Big Role in your life ! Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta 3:38 PM Delhi, India


Yesterday, i was at the movies with some of my friends i met one of my old friend there.. What's That? My friend asked me pointing at my authentic T-shirt i said this was a promotional gift from a independent wrestling promotion in States(U.S.) then she said "whoa ! i know that you've told me 100 times before" i am pointing at your stomach what is happening ?? last time i saw you were not this BIG(she actually called me FAT) i laughed so hard and told her this is my lifestyle now... i am lazy, i love food and i don't workout then she tried to lecture me about these habits she asked "Are You Happy With This Lifestyle ?" i replied "Happier than Ever" Food is fun Workout is hard and Free Mcdonalds is heaven these days she wasn't pleased at all with my answer then we saw the movie and i came back home... #VitalFam also welcomed their first DSLR cam yesterday !.!.!.!.! FOOD First :) Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta 11:24 PM Delhi, In