Aham Brahmasmi!

Thriller TV Shows and Movies will always have my time vested in them. The Season 2 of "Sacred Games"  released on Independence Day and wow, I'm really impressed with the storyline, The Hard Work of the artists is showing. Exemplary performances by the Actors, Directors and most importantly the Writers, based upon the original characters created by Vikram Chandra for his book of same name "Sacred Games". For The Ultimate Sunday Binge Watch it is very well worth it. Dense, dark, brutal, edgy and sense of realism is mind-boggling. I can say that Season 2 is much much better than Season 1, it shows that the art of film making isn't dead in India. As for the people who're avoiding it because of abusive language and nudity, I respect your decision but I have to say that the context of the show can go beyond your mind, complexity of script and small open secrets hiding nowhere but in front of your eyes might interest you in reconsidering it to watch.

You basically have to run with the characters to catch up with their mind and emotions and sometimes have to see between the frames. Sacred Games is definitely one of the best thriller show I've seen with obviously an ending that leaves plenty of scope for a sequel. SEASON 3 chants have started...

Aham Brahmasmi !!!

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Prateek Gupta

10:59 PM

Delhi, India


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