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Sometimes i really wish that i wasn't as dramatic as I am, but whatever !!! i am extremely happy i am busy i have multiple gigs but this is just the beginning i am not even a consistent performer right now thats why i am working hard on my network i will only release it if i am supremely confident and satisfied with it because i did take so much wrong decisions with my other unsuccessful gigs so it might drop next month or maybe it could take 2-3 months of time i am investing so much in that network so let's hope for the best !.!.!.! and i'm not bitter i miss you T***a...... Anyway  Better Yourself  Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta' 9:17 PM Delhi, India.


These Days Hectic study and chilling schedules are killing me my main site is lacking in consistency what am i doing ???? i don't know i need to put more and more effort into the content again but the fact is i am ignoring everything because of easy money my work in the past is paying me more than some of my recent stuff i did thats why they say HARDWORK ALWAYS PAYS WELL ah.huh... its true right now i am a lazy blogger who doesn't write anymore this was my hobby when i started it but now i have sponsors, partnerships and royalities... i think i am doing this for money now i have to stop thinking about the money part for now i want to be that kid again who watched every movie and pay per view just so that he can write a honest review afterwards !.!.!.!.! WordGod Please Help Me...... It's Better To Do What Feels Natural To You. Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta 12:09 AM Delhi, India


I focus on almost Everything which is happening around my life i am so grateful that i have so much to do WORK is a secondary thing but when you love doing something and it pays you nothing is better than that this is the most awkward time to even write because i just came home from the movies i saw "Fast & Furious 8" in Hindi which was pretty great the dubbing artist who did the dubbing for Tyrese Gibson is fabulous Hats Off to him it was crazy comic timing oops by the way i was talking about the FOCUS umm it is going pretty well with me i am focusing on Happiness, Treating Myself Right and More Growth.... although somethings are there which i am still upset about but thats how the way it all goes.... you win some and you lose some.!.!.!.! Music Forever and Always.... Flow Longlive The Redbull and Fizzy Beverages !!!! Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta 10:21 PM Delhi, India


Another day another story to tell life is running its course let the chips fall wherever they may i am enjoying this ride and these days i am living it to the fullest i've never been happier like this all of this is happening to me for the first time everything is sorted out. The key to keep writing is to keep living i don't care anymore about the people who hate me i am doing me i am happy and i am loving every bit of work i am doing i am getting excited about the future with no worries at all it feels great that my mad past is over i am glad that happiness is all around me last year i did an experiment with my future and it turned out to be right i am hyped over everything... i have learned that if you strategize something right than it will happen you just need to be consistent while you're doing things... by the way my entertainment site operations are moving to wordpress next week... i am hyped .!.!.!.! Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta 9:56 PM Delhi,


Last Night i was scrolling through my facebook feed where a video was recommended for me it was titled "Un-Fair" and it was from one of the most popular Youtuber in India Bhuvan Bam it was heart touching and i suggest everyone should watch that video right now it was about the racism in India i have a dark complexion so i know it all how people discriminate you but i never did really cared about those people who do this such stupidity. So Why do we hate ??? We Hate because we're taught to hate we hate because we are ignorant we are the product of some ignorant people who taught us ignorant things which states that there are 5 or 6 different races but in reality there are no 5 or 6 different races there is only one race which we are all part of and that is HUMAN RACE . We have seperated people into different races so some of us can call themselves SUPERIOR from others we thought that it could work but you know what it didn't worked at all it has been BAD for Everyon


I have lots of IDEAS my diary is filled with notes but yet something always holds me back from executing them. It's an incredibly hard process to get them from your brain and diary to the work. I feel like i have some anxiety issues and there's possibly a lack of confidence that the ideas aren't good enough. Sometimes i feel like i am letting myself down this week i already did one person down with my work and i think i will never be receiving a call from that person again for work purpose i find that i am not critical of my ideas or finding the inspiration easily.I need to change something with myself, write constantly and create exclusive content which i was doing in the past. Actually, the past work i did is actually paying me well rather than the recent work i did so i guess i have to be genuine once again.... today a classmate said to me that i have a "Nice Sense of Awareness" !.!.! ZAMPA, BUTLER and ME shares same precious number: SIXTY THREE {63} Thank

Meeting a Fan

hahahah !! i am not joking at all yesterday i met a fan seriously i met him at my college he is majoring in commerce he said that he likes my stuff than i replied with a  Thank You ! and i asked him what you like about my stuff he said "its very GOOD TO SEE THAT PEOPLE IN OUR GENERATION STILL ENJOYING WRITING. keep it up man !" i was about to cry that was the moment for me yes i enjoy writing and reading a lot i want to ROCK in this free world especially now i am really liking this journaling thing it gives me a motive to write about other interesting stuff too. I had a long conversation with this guy(fan) he said to me just keep it going prateek can't wait to see more content of yours i said to him actually very less people read it so thats why i even feel more exclusive there... then we shaked hands and i was off to class. Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta 7:13 PM Delhi, India.


Reading and writing is purely a hobby for me oh but only reading is a hobby Writing is like my work it pays me i take writing as fun and passion and from the last 8 months now when the money got involved i even took it seriously. Sometimes all the things i have makes a lot of sense for me. I work from Home i don't have a boss i study and i can do whatever i want while doing this i can get off whenever i want. I don't like having a boss i don't like structured things i am a free thinking wondering guy who wants to make a name for himself and to earn almost all the luxuries of life i love staying busy with lot of stuff around me. when i think about the past where people were always like bully me because of my skin color i don't care about them anymore life is a movie only time will tell what is going to happen next don't live in the past be here now don't worry about the future just get excited about it. Don't be mad over about the past, be glad that it happe


Sometimes i wake up and starts writing today was one of those days Wrestlemania was today so i promised my team last night that i will be taking over that keyboard today and i am gonna cover the event live for our audience they said okay they could use a break and guess what i woke an hour late so i just started writing whatever that was happening at that time when i tuned into the Network and after 15 minutes of fast hardwork i was back at it again on time with the show where my teammate called me and he said those are some skills dude i said yes!! i got skills i started this thing all on my own no one was there for me in the bad times i didn't said this bad time thing it just came out eventually while i am writimg this post after wrestlemania was over i relaxed for a bit and it was a phenomenal show to cover live then i went to college took classes and came back home where i became surprised that actually our website broke our all time monthly record in terms of pageviews i beca


Today April 2nd a Sunday full of Comfort no work, more sleep, watching back to back movies and more relaxing in every way so, today my parents asked me what's next for myself ??? they were inquiring what's next for their day dreaming small entrepreneurial son i said i am figuring out Mom My network is in works i am thinking about some more freelancing and i said to them to just don't worry about me i am getting somewhere she acknowledges me and she said "I Have Confidence In You" than i responded her with a THANK YOU.. and i went on to continue my movie watching again. When the movie ended i assessed what i did today which gave me this conclusion that i am addicted to COMFORT and i must break this Addiction now then i went to my regular sunday afternoon sleep. I woke up after 2 hours killed some more time by watching some sitcoms on T.V. i am glad that i could write this post though... THERE IS NO HAPPINESS IN COMFORT !.!.! Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupt


I am 20 years old and HEMORRHAGE(nose bleeding) is still my enemy in summers today was a hot day and summer is really starting to kick in this hemorrhage incident took my fun of writing away i mean this is so embarrassing for me nose bleeding in front of the whole class and the way people look at you after the incident is another challenge to fight because i don't want anyone to care for me i am a grown young boy i can take care of myself plus some of them are even worse who make fun of you by saying "should i get you a TAMPON for your nose??" f**king NO !!! its not even funny this condition is there because of my Nose structure for which i use prescribed Nose Strips in the nights A lot of people face this problem please don't make fun of them. i just wanted to get this out here beacuse i had a not so good day today !!! btw i am excited for wrestlemania... Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta 11:41 PM Delhi, India 


I was out for some phonography today and i didn't know why i felt so unnatural and forced while i was taking pictures. In the morning my friend called me to go out with him and other mates to club or some place where EDM is around but i didn't felt like going to club or enjoying high bass music in the first place i chose phonography over club but i was thinking about the club during phonography session i guess it was one of those days where i didn't feel better doing anything. The main thing happening today with me was "Unneccessary Thoughts" about some stuff which is not even related to me... i am figuring out some stuff around me... I Am Weird ... and i hate goodbye's.... You Are Awesome.... Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta 12:26 AM Delhi, India