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What's up? Prateek here Nothing is really new with i've been writing poetry, short stories and what not i started my day with sticking onto my No Caffeine routine which is good and i feel proud of myself for doing that than i went to college took the classes and came home on usual time like most of the days. At home after scrolling through my social media feed and getting bored of writing i spent better half of my evening watching another movie ( movie: GOON) Sean.W.Scott starrer a canadian serious comedy movie based on a real life story of an Ice Hockey player which was pretty good as i was watching it for the first time so, after doing all the usual stuff i am writing all of that here.... If you really want to Live your dream life make the sacrifices now and follow your plan. Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta 8:12PM Delhi, India

Happiness Called Me

Last Night it was 11.22 PM to be exact when the Happiness Called Me on my phone believe me her name is Happiness and she is Famous but i was DEAD because i couldn't even believe that i am talking to her moving  on to the conversation i kept it calm and cool my mind was telling me to just don't freak out during this phone call i was watching a movie( movie: "Dude Where is My Car ??" ) when the phone rang where at first i didn't even know who she was when she started giving me hints than those hints kicked me and i said "Oh Is It About That Email ??" she replied politely "YES!" then she told me that all the work i have done is impressive !! i replied with a THANK YOU.. after that the conversation is temporarily private and i will let everyone know momentarily !.!.! STAY QUALITY !!!! Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta 10:18 PM Delhi, India


Trying new things with a phone camera and a ugly face is Exciting and Frustrating but guess what finally i did it i had this theory in my mind that i can be a Noticeable dude who is not camera shy and can do cool things in front of the camera i admit it if i want to chase a new dream than i have to work hard i need to put more effort in this direction. Right Now everything is like lying on a table all i need to do is just grab it and eat it for more motivation i am continuing my writing and that web series which i was talking about previously is now in works i mean the concept of the web series is starting to roll itself into the pages of my diary. umm PROGRESS made... "Work Until Your IDOLS Become Your RIVALS" (read it somewhere....:) Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta 9:25 PM Delhi, India 


Saturday is probably my favourite day of the week because the day next to saturday is sunday which is my chilling day i watch movies at home i don't care about discipline, self control or self awareness on sundays now everyone must be thinking here if i do such relaxing things on sunday than why it isn't my favourite day of the week ??? the answer to this question is that all these stupid but relaxing things i do are bad... and i shouldn't be even doing these activities anymore but i still do them... with putting even more passion than the last time. this is why Saturdays are amazing to me you go out you do your stuff with discipline and just wait for it to end so you can relax on sundays !!!  SATURDAY'THE LIFE SAVER' Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta 11.52 PM Delhi, India


What is LIFE ?  its 18 of March today i go to college everyday to take lectures meet my friends and to laugh at my crew in Theatre in short i just like to laugh and have fun.... i take notes of everything happening around me my phone is filled with weird and random notes the only thing which runs in my mind is how i can i improve myself ? i want to STAY CONSISTENT with whatever i am doing not the wrong things though.... i do whatever i want i dont take myself seriously i am emotionally disconnected i want to be a PRO at whatever i am doing.... I Don't know where this post is going or what it's original purpose was but it feels good to be positive again.... YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta 9.31 AM Delhi, India


We are just living and its so important to have a GOAL because the society says so, & between all this mess on aiming and reaching to your GOAL sometimes you totally forget the process but then again before we reach our 'GOAL' we judge everyone's action and forget that they are also trying to reach a GOAL just like us... but in the end No One Cares about your accomplishments not even your parents... its true !!! I'm not sure about the good and evil theory here... and this was me again giving another weird opinion of mine on something .... wait !! What was it ??? 'GOAL' Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta \ 12.37 am Delhi, India


It's a secret to the fast paced life of mine ahah !! "caffeine" is playing an important role in my life from these past few months when I joined college back again last year in August I knew it that a lot of solid work is coming with handling websites, studies, theatre and much more which means Less Sleep, Long Nights and Unhealthy Eating and Drinking Habits. To work this body of ours one of the most essential thing is food but was I really eating healthy food when my body desperately needed it ??? No I wasn't !!! I was Consuming Unhealthy Amount of Coffee, Energy Drinks, Margaritas, Cold Drinks, Sugar Beverages and Whatnot All these were best friends with "Caffeine" and was helping me to stay active & being productive all the time to excel in my life day by day !!! But the FACT here is: this is all bad and I really need to change myself there is a desperate need for me to put some efforts into healthy eating and drinking. Trust Me I'm Trying....


Since the last three months I've got a overwhelming response on my  website which is really incredible and over the last year I got a good base to grow that website independently the only thing I am doing wrong is that I am not consistent with writing when I first started it I used to love writing all the time about wrestling and sports I am not saying that I don't love writing anymore I just have to be more consistent about it plus now I have a team who handles the social profiles of that website and I have to say I am really impressed with them they're doing more than fine but the problem is with me I am not consistent and I don't know why ?? why ?? I will be back momentarily. Thanks For Reading  Prateek Gupta 1.18 PM Delhi, India


I am sitting in front of my laptop for straight 40 minutes and doing nothing till this time I am writing this post which somehow makes me happy last night i planned to have a get-together with some friends at my house but everyone is busy and working on weekends Nothing is really inspiring me right now. for a longtime i've been trying to write a web series but still I have no idea where to start ??? I am not laughing and it feels like another day of my life is wasted I am scrolling my Twitter to find something which interest me I guess whenever I am at home I am always bored. Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta 2.24 PM Delhi, India

Holi Plans

Today, During the last lecture I was sitting with my friends and waiting for it to over so I can go home and relax then suddenly one of my friend asked "hey.. prateek what are your plans for HOLI ??" and i responded nothing i'll be chilling like every other festival but later on in my mind I was thinking what to really do on this HOLI ?? because HOLI never  really seemed fun to me and this thought annoyed me for the next  20 minutes till I didn't put earphones in my ears to listen music my playlist started with "ALLIGATOR SKY - OWL CITY" and that was the end to that creepy what to do thought ?!! On HOLI . this is life and that's how the mind roll sometimes. Oh Well. Bring It On.  Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta 1.13 AM Delhi, India