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Life is so amazingly better these days everything i am doing is opening new ways for me i am glad that i started writing and it made me so much confident and knowledgeable. 21 Months back i didn't had any passions i wasn't sure what to do with myself that was one of the loneliest and negative period of time for me but thanks to inspirational and entertaining podcasts who were there to support me during that time my motivation came from those podcasts and Now Today Work is Beautiful i kind of have an online business i have friends i have important things to do..... this is life !.!.!.!.! Enjoy Your Struggle While You're in it Because One Day You will Miss It So Much.... making world a special place with one short post at a time... :) Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta 11:58 PM Delhi, India


The Moment where your own Thoughts and Imaginations turn against you is the time where you should not do anything just wait for things to cool down and start thinking about all the positive things you have done in your life because in the end you have no control over the results you're about to get after doing some unique activities. Everything happens has a cause and a effect on to our life the results can make you depressed or a victim of social anxiety but it is up to you how you handle these ruiner bombs  I know some people will think that why i am this f***ing weird but i don't care about anything you have all the rights to have your own opinion. thats how it all ends !.!.!.!.! Short-Term decisions you make always play a Big Role in your life ! Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta 3:38 PM Delhi, India


Yesterday, i was at the movies with some of my friends i met one of my old friend there.. What's That? My friend asked me pointing at my authentic T-shirt i said this was a promotional gift from a independent wrestling promotion in States(U.S.) then she said "whoa ! i know that you've told me 100 times before" i am pointing at your stomach what is happening ?? last time i saw you were not this BIG(she actually called me FAT) i laughed so hard and told her this is my lifestyle now... i am lazy, i love food and i don't workout then she tried to lecture me about these habits she asked "Are You Happy With This Lifestyle ?" i replied "Happier than Ever" Food is fun Workout is hard and Free Mcdonalds is heaven these days she wasn't pleased at all with my answer then we saw the movie and i came back home... #VitalFam also welcomed their first DSLR cam yesterday !.!.!.!.! FOOD First :) Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta 11:24 PM Delhi, In


It is always Better to what feels natural to you hello everybody i am back at it again after a major 2 week break everything is alright i got involved into some stuff during the last two weeks and its official i will be shooting 2 to 3 hardcore documentaries over the course of next 2 months i am really excited about it we got our whole crew ready for it plus if anyone of you have some time to spare this summer than you're most welcome to join our team just hit me up on Instagram , Twitter or Facebook  or Email the team at . Change Something Write Constantly Be Genuine ! Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta 8:38 PM Delhi, India

Hate Without Purpose

Bieberfever is all over in India from these last couple of weeks and few hours earlier one of my closest friend got to watch Justin Bieber perform live in navi mumbai she told me how incredible the whole purpose tour concert was with special guests like EDM sensation Alan Walker who put on a great performance at D.Y Patil Stadium in Navi Mumbai and everything was all hyped up as Justin Bieber was performing in india for the very first time all the fans in attendance were happy but on twitter i saw a lot of hate from the people who used to love bieber melodies as kids but now they can't digest the fact that justin is a multi-millionaire pop sensation and has the greatest fanbase in the world... most of the people who didn't even attended the show are saying "Oh !! The Bieber Concert was S**T" he was doing lipsync it was awful so, what do you expect ?? do you want him to sing night lores into your ears... grow up people  if you can't respect him than atleast show s


Don't take yourself too seriously it will ruin the project you're working on and it kind of did yesterday one of the collaborator don't want to work with us anymore and that is a huge low blow to the inaugration of the network seriously f**k off !!! it was my idea i did all the hardwork and i am not gonna ruin my 2 years of hardwork because of that d bag... it will come without him i was being patient with the situation that aroused during the work/i was thinking about the long term but that was a real buster... anyway i am being real and doing my best !~!~!~! "Read Write Code Money Repeat"  Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta 6:03 PM Delhi, India.

Good Time

What Up?? Everyone Prateek here so my semester exams are giving me a little bit of more work these days this is why i haven't been posting so much overall i've been doing fine with work, studies and life. The video on Love Rudrakash channel is doing great in terms of concept and likes plus the facebook version of that comedy sketch crossed over 500K views overall which is great. The amount of mental focus i am putting in everything these days is just incredible i am more passionate than ever and my Confidence is like a Skyscraper for now... Work- GOLD, Studies- GOLD, Relationships- GOLD, Friendships- PLATINUM i am living like there are no worries at all and finally i can say that i finally have that special friend.... i am not bitter T****a i miss you  !.!.!.! NEVER LET INSECURITIES RUN YOUR LIFE... Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta 12:26 AM Delhi, India Free Audiobooks here:


After lucking out myself in blogging and website business, this is the road where i am getting the pressure to better myself and take my career to the next level So, what's next???  NETWORK is next i am expecting that i can grow myself better from it i am working a lot these days so somethings are stressful but technically everything i am doing is gaining momentum and i love this i could do all of this for the rest of my life without any dread - WRITING, JOURNALISM, NON-FICTION, and short stories. By the way my script has been converted into a Comedy Sketch you can check it out on Love Rudrakash Youtube Channel  plus I am so relieved that my main site hit 400K last week which is really incredible and soon i will be coming with more reviews and good content over there !.!.!.!.! You Are Your Only Limit...... Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta 11:13 PM Delhi, India Free Audiobooks here: LINK TO THE COMEDY SKETCH:  https://you