Yesterday, i was at the movies with some of my friends i met one of my old friend there..
What's That? My friend asked me pointing at my authentic T-shirt i said this was a promotional gift from a independent wrestling promotion in States(U.S.) then she said "whoa ! i know that you've told me 100 times before" i am pointing at your stomach what is happening ?? last time i saw you were not this BIG(she actually called me FAT) i laughed so hard and told her this is my lifestyle now... i am lazy, i love food and i don't workout then she tried to lecture me about these habits she asked "Are You Happy With This Lifestyle ?" i replied "Happier than Ever" Food is fun Workout is hard and Free Mcdonalds is heaven these days she wasn't pleased at all with my answer then we saw the movie and i came back home... #VitalFam also welcomed their first DSLR cam yesterday !.!.!.!.!

FOOD First :)

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Prateek Gupta

11:24 PM

Delhi, India