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"I know i just wanted to make some money but now its much more than that" me looking in my past and thinking was this really me ??? Being philosophical about this situation my mind wasn't expanding itself as it should have suppose to be.... I was caught in petty small things with myself. Someone responded to me on twitter last night he said "I can relate to every word in every post of yours.. good work mate !" I said "thank you so much for reading" and Seriously, Thank you to each and everyone of you... who come here everyday and support me !.!.! Ending this on a Polarizing note.... Accept The Discomfort. Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta 12:17 AM Delhi, India


My Life depends on my 15 Minutes Work a Day Schedule so, let me tell everyone what's my 15 Minutes of Work a Day actually consist of Almost 3 years ago when i didn't knew what i should do with my life I mean - ZERO hopes sometimes i still ask this question but at that time everything was going wrong for me... nothing really seemed to interest me at all .... I was Broke with myself.... I was like the King of Problems where i decided to go with my Love of Wrestling and Sports Entertainment  writing which after 6 months of its existence did pretty good(aka i made some internet money)  after that one deal after other and between all of these it actually turned into a team leading it to more views and more business now we do promotions and have over 80 blogs independently inside our network which really is a milestone for myself..... In Other Words I put my team in position and now they're killing it !.!.!.! its all about the team work....(vital beats coming soon on soundcloud.


I'm being way too comfy with my life these days I should probably work more instead of finding different kind of excuses not to work everyday.... finding the perfect motivation is so hard because when you will find it maybe at that time your life would've moved on... but like the last post this is called LOSING THE HOPE and setting myself free I have a mini-micro-nano online Business, i have fun have some friends and more stuff like that to be happy..... biggest them of all my new buddy CONTENTMENT is keeping me not to look back at the failures and reminds me that this is the Job well done. I'm an Observant plus I Emphasize Happiness to live life !.!.!.! my kind of love: Internet Life... Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta 1:03 am Delhi, India Free Audiobooks here:


I read somewhere Necessary fact of Life - "Hope" but I don't agree with it here is my different perspective-->>> So, Hope is like the cousin of Expectations and when you're expecting things to happen then you're literally setting yourself up for failures. In past i used to hoped a lot like I hoped my day will go better or i hoped that my work will get more hits and so on the HOPE list didn't stop. Now i prefer to go with the flow and just live my life - Get Money Get Paid I force myself to work harder on my own terms. It's working like a Gold Making Machine for me.... Lose The Hope and set yourself free !!!! plug- Vital Beats Coming Soon on Soundcloud..... Go With The Flow, Be Insightful ! Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta Delhi, India

Build Up

My documentary skills need some serious build up Epiphany: its not about how good your idea stands it is about how you're presenting the idea among your Audience.The Last Content Documentary i worked on didn't even cleared the beginning stages of documentary making One of the collaborator pointed out the big mistakes I did. He said its Unfocused and I am rushing things too fast.... I kinda agree with him it was really bad but we will work it out and maybe soon it will be out.!.!.!.! Someone DM'ed me saying Dude... You're an Observant.... i laughed and replied "Observant" nope i am not but thanks for the feedback... Observing the Situation i want that feeling.... i am not bitter!.!.! Anyway Keep Up The Good Work Everyone. Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta 12:52 am Delhi, India.


Creativity comes from curiosity and my curiosity is little low these days.  so, day before Yesterday i was thinking of  ideas for some script content where I was seeing at my laptop screen for straight 15 minutes but couldn't think  of any ideas or points to complete it then i had a Pepsi to chill my thoughts but nothing was working until i saw a Short Documentary about Shakespeare then i had the realization that my curiosity to know things isn't same as it was a week ago. some time goes by.... i took a break and went on to check some World News where i saw that Chester Bennington Linkin Park lead singer committed Suicide. Its tragic and my thoughts and prayers are with his family. While i am writing this post i scrolled through my twitter and i just heard that Home Alone  Star Actor John Heard Also Died aged 72. He was recovering from a back surgery which could be the reason of his death. but Chester Bennington we don't know what was he fighting with or how much inner pai


To live with the Knowledge of remembering the statistics and reach of your work is a REWARD. I am getting so much compliments these days the latest one of them was given by a good friend he said "Prateek You're Insightful !!!" i said thank you lets get some fizzy beverages bro... he replied oh yes why not ??? The Experiences i lived are by far the most phenomenal moments of my life... sometimes the things aren't comfortable and fun... but you can learn from them thats your REWARD. Do The Work, Walk More, Read More, Eat More and Get Involved In Things .... LIVE LIFE !.!.!.! - Vital Beats Coming Soon On Soundcloud and YouTube........ Bring Your Mysterious Thoughts To Life Seriously, Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta 9:03 PM Delhi, India

1. 2. 3. Highlight

Some things just makes me so calm like Game of Thrones Season 7 premiered today and almost everyone in my circle was watching it and talking about it Ed Sheeran was in it and blah blah blah blah ..... but i was griding like everyday writing some stuff down. Improvising a sketch script and working on a little manuscript. The Content Grind makes me so happy because most of the time I am a lazy person who eats and drinks fizzy beverages. At this point i want to keep my plans Wonderful and just being a normal person sticking on to his PLAN.!.!.!.!.! LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION --- live your life ..... Highlight of My Life: Internet . Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta 1:36 am Delhi, India


I've been in a great company lately trust me everything feels nice and structured when i speculate the few past days many of my projects are in works and i am not even that busy because everything is sorted out and I am grateful to have great team mates seriously thank you guys.I am gonna keep my journaling going aha... my depressed life...!! alas! getting my normal work routine going READ WALK WRITE FOOD MONEY.... I am over that Semi-Interested Girl..... well maybe  !!!! Tomorrow I am gonna wake up and will have a totally opposite Opinion.!!!! I won't lie but i am Sensitive!.!.!.! be insecure in peace it will help you a lot. Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta 1:10 am Delhi, India


The power of your thoughts takes no time to turn against and because of this it can be extremely weird sometimes speculating our past life. Cure to control your power of thoughts is consuming Good LITERATURE. Many of us used to hate Literature in our school time but as they say there is always a phase for everything Literature and Fiction came back in my life and changed it for good. umm.... ( i don't have much to write about) Someone Commented on Medium that i should go to a psychiatrist my post are heavily focused on Social Anxiety and Depression may be he is right but i don't think so because thats how i am since day one. I know all of this doesn't makes any sense..... !.!.!.!.! But this is the most realest thing i do.... being awkward and weird !!! Compiling Words Just For Fun ! Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta 1:19 am Delhi, India


It took me long enough to come to the realization that if your life is so cool you're fly or your websites and content are popping over internet. No one f**king cares people have so much interesting things to worry about people will never care and now i accept this as a fact of my culture. People always point out your weaknesses they comment over your dark skin or babble about how they cannot believe what i am doing ?? i mean really come on get over it there is a life over it i am experiencing phenomenal things everyday Maybe my over thinking and insecurities are running my lifestyle.!.!.!.!.! anyway almost everything is complicated..... I am rocking in the FREE world. Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta 12:13 am Delhi, India

Mind Games

Everyone wants to be happy like i have a habit of wanting to go out everyday and live concept of happiness is so much complicated in itself because to feel it you have to be unhappy first which will lead you to depressive thoughts and i can tell there are people who can relate to this theory. It happens almost all the time with us it is like that you need a guarantee or a specific thing which will make you happy... Question: why can't we stay happy all the time???(reply in comments)  so i am being dramatic once again cuss me please !!! what is my problem really ??? is it happiness or my dumb state of fricking mind.... its is like when a Girl is Semi-Interested in you and you're like falling for her !.!.!.!.! sup again.... this is mind games !.!.!.! in the beginning, till the end. VITAL BEATS - Coming Soon... on soundcloud and youtube..... Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta 1:15 am Delhi, India


Hey ! Everyone So I Received A Comment On The Main Site Last Week and It was: "Hello, I check your blogs like every week. Your humoristic style is awesome, keep up the good work!" - Sergio Gomez this is the thing i live for i mean really a big thanks for appreciating and it is kind of weird that you're finding humor in my writings most of the time they're depressing for people and some people also target me about my grammatical mistakes its alright people i know i am not a literature scholar or something.... i am another 20 year old lad doing his own thing so that after 5 years i will not blame myself for not trying or experimenting with my multiple gigs. My life is vibrant and very powerful at this point of time everything is working out i am busy achieving new goals everyday !.!.!.! umm PEACE out .......!!! Be Rushed Be Unfocused You Will Find Your Way. [works for me] Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta 1:09 am Delhi, India


Another day passed i am right back to latency oh my god it is perplexing another one of those days where i asked myself what's up ??? how's it going.... my inner self answered i don't know i wanted to go out so badly today but i couldn't maybe because i am the most laziest person on earth... i always think why my hardworking days never repeat themselves in February of 2017 i was talking about how i am always on grind till my gig is perfect... well that spirit is long gone i need to find it back !.!.! my lifestyle includes heavy junk food and veggies with lots of fizzy beverages & still at this point i think that i will hit the GYM someday and will work on my obesified(new word ) body. Thats About it... READ WALK WRITE CODE FOOD MONEY !!!! Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta 12:27 am Delhi, India

The Realm

I Couldn't Sleep tonight just another one of those nights its 2:02 am and i am on my computer writing this post i don't really know whats happening i am not even trying to sleep haha !! dumb state of happiness clings on again i am thinking a lot been lately so many ideas and weird imaginations are taking me into another realm where i can say that there is a soulful projectile peace of mind after midnight... Theory: Do More -> Get More !!!! documentaries cracking up minds been running from reality and the truth so am i good ??? umm yes !! maybe not i need to spent more time with real people from now on.!.!.! Emotional Roller Coaster is Another Amusing Ride It will be Over Soon. Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta 2:09 AM Delhi, India


HOYEHH...  everybody how are you guys doing ??? i admit last post was kind a depressing one but you know what that post gave me a push to work even harder and because of that today turned out to be a good productive day i finally did some of my pending writing gigs ahoy it was a good day....  i feel great in other ways i did some polarized type of work but it is good that i did something today.... i am grateful that my needs are fulfilled by time to time... atlast you're always on your own !.!.!.! Making My Life Better with One Short Post At a Time.... Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta 10:43 PM Delhi, India Twitter:

Not Sure

What You Gonna Do ? What You Gonna Do ???? the only question everyone is asking me and sometimes i ask this very same question to myself again and again too what i am really gonna do !!! what the future beholds for me.... then i go back to my dumb state of happiness which is really annoying because the truth is i am losing pageviews things aren't right i am also suffering from this big dilemma which has taken over all the internet and it is called "ADPOCALYPSE" but i shouldn't talk about it much because i get depressed too easily these days my irrational ego is getting in the way of my life those so-called mates always says 'aww he is so passionate ! no i am not so please don't overrate me. I am fine with my studies and i am gonna continue my ventures like this.... plus T****a  i repeat again i am not bitter i just miss you b....!.!.!.!.!.! Bringing Ideas To Life. Thanks For Reading Prateek Gupta 12:27 am Delhi, India

Embarrassing Popcorn Encounter

Haha!! this can be super funny for you people but let me tell you it was one of the most embarrassing incidents happened with me during the last month Storytime: * In the beginning of June one of my friend and me went to PVR Cinemas to see Tom Cruise's latest mystery thriller "The Mummy" okay so i am starting to have weird tickles in my stomach while i am writing this post lets go back to the story again... so, our tickets were already booked on BookMyShow(shoutout)  so we showed our e-tickets on the front desk and got the access to go inside the cinema premises but literally one of the most embarrassing moment was waiting for us in the form of "POPCORN MESS" we ordered a large bucket of classic salted popcorn from the food outlet of PVR Cinemas as soon as we took the POPCORN from the counter it f**king slip away from my hands POPCORN here POPCORN there .... and a corridor full of people were seeing me like a criminal i felt so embarrassed but really a big than