My Story


Hey everyone !!! My name is  Prateek when i turned 17 years old my life changed. On February 4th of year 2014 literally i got bitten by a bug of creativity and curiosity  later on till today it got me believed that it was in my nature to explore the unknown realms of my life and other people around me. At the age of 6 i fell in love with sports entertainment and just so to let you all know that i am a big time professional wrestling fan in other words i am all about it. Writing in general is my muse. I write and talk to myself everywhere.

other than that i am creative i love variety i am passionate and growth oriented towards my career plus I NEVER HAD A GIRLFRIEND..... (update: i am working on that now)* at college i am a media student and i enjoy my time in ARTS and Entertainment doing part time theatre gig for my team there..... * at home i scroll down my instagram and twitter most of the time and i invest in web content... that is pretty much it for this time and if i make anymore progress than i will update My Story according to it. and if you're reading all of this you have no idea how much i appreciate you.

Thank You

Good Day :)

* JUNE 2017: We Created The Network.

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