Mind Games

Everyone wants to be happy like i have a habit of wanting to go out everyday and live concept of happiness is so much complicated in itself because to feel it you have to be unhappy first which will lead you to depressive thoughts and i can tell there are people who can relate to this theory. It happens almost all the time with us it is like that you need a guarantee or a specific thing which will make you happy... Question: why can't we stay happy all the time???(reply in comments)  so i am being dramatic once again cuss me please !!! what is my problem really ??? is it happiness or my dumb state of fricking mind.... its is like when a Girl is Semi-Interested in you and you're like falling for her !.!.!.!.! sup again.... this is mind games !.!.!.!

in the beginning, till the end.

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Prateek Gupta

1:15 am

Delhi, India