Sometimes i wake up and starts writing today was one of those days Wrestlemania was today so i promised my team last night that i will be taking over that keyboard today and i am gonna cover the event live for our audience they said okay they could use a break and guess what i woke an hour late so i just started writing whatever that was happening at that time when i tuned into the Network and after 15 minutes of fast hardwork i was back at it again on time with the show where my teammate called me and he said those are some skills dude i said yes!! i got skills i started this thing all on my own no one was there for me in the bad times i didn't said this bad time thing it just came out eventually while i am writimg this post after wrestlemania was over i relaxed for a bit and it was a phenomenal show to cover live then i went to college took classes and came back home where i became surprised that actually our website broke our all time monthly record in terms of pageviews i became so happy and called my team to congratulate and thank them because those guys actually helped me out during the whole March month so i can focus on other projects and stuff and believe me i pay them to do the work for the website....

Thanks For Reading

Prateek Gupta

1:17 AM

Delhi, India


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