Dear Mumbai...

Dear Mumbai,

You're Beautiful and I Have a Crush On you and I know that it is early in our relationship but I have to get it off my chest following is a excerpt about really pretty girls which kinda reminds of Mumbai anyways and Job Interviews So, I recently decided to give a visit to the city I've always loved but not in July and August because nothing really significant happens there in that span other than Heavy Rain.

Just a heads up that 10 months back I  met a girl in the parking lot of Delhi and all I did was say hello but she didn't respond there later on it turned out that she was my boss here.


So, here how's the story has rolled out so far it is basically a boy meeting a girl, but the girl being standoffish despite the fact that he's only trying to be a gentleman. Maybe the girl has been hurt before, or just doesn't trust people easily, the two could even go hand-in-hand, because of course, that the way it goes.

Different scenario, same concept Boy meets girl (could even be the SAME girl ) He's quite obviously smitten with her, she's beautiful and charming, and it intimidates him. He doesn't know what to say, and doesn't want to ramble or say the wrong things. Through conversation, he's getting the feel that, she's not going to be into him because despite all of her positive qualities, she's the type of girl that prefers relationships with struggle. Truth be told, this is the path a lot of girls choose. Again, that's just the way it goes.

It is basically saying that he's head over heels for her, and this girl is always on his mind, and always in his focus; hence her being Asking about love being bright is kind of saying: You do know that there is real, TRUE love out there, and GOOD, honest guys too. He just wants to be with her, and make her smile, and love at first sight is always a cute concept. Sometimes you meet that girl, and no matter how many others you meet, you can never get her out of your head.. even if she doesn't exactly treat you the greatest.

I feel like this a lot with a particular female in my life. Sometimes you meet that girl and she may have feelings for you, and you can tell by the things she says or the actions she makes, but she's caught up in something else, or doesn't want to admit to it. Sometimes when you're in that situation, you'd do just about anything to know for sure.

The Boy feels sometimes that he just isn't good enough, no matter how hard he tries or how much effort he makes to prove to her. We all have those moments when we're in love.. and there's nothing we can do about how the other person feels.

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