why you should stay alive

* Late night walks with your favorite person.
* All the birthdays, anniversaries and The 1st, 5th, 10th, 25th & 50th anniversaries.
* First dates that turns into beautiful relationships and maybe a "Wedding" who knows.
* Having children and watching them grow up.
* And then their children.
* Seeing the beautiful unknown realms that exist in this world.
* Going to concerts,conventions and the places where you always wanted to go.
* The one look your soulmate gives you that simultaneously means everything and nothing.
* Tomorrow could easily be better, and the good days always come you will never get to experience any of this or a lot more if you never stay.

this is IMPORTANT: Please never hesitate to come to me for advice, love and acceptance. I hope to be your friend and a source of comfortability in your life just like everything we're all here together and let's be honest shit gets hard and we all get lonely at some point. Just don't be afraid to confront that side because I, your Friends and your Family will be here by your side. Once that hard point of your life is over imagine how Happy you would be.

And You're gonna survive, because these are the Beautiful Times: bit.ly/schotines


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