MLM, please stay away from them

MLM or Multi Level Marketing is all about recruiting sales people who will hopefully recruit other sales people, and so on. is it a scam ??? Yes it is a "sweet" scam where in the end you will think that you have ruined your Friendships, Relationships and your Willpower to do anything basically your Whole Life gets ruined. It works by word of mouth sales and the oral sales or "SELLING OF LIES" totally based on relationship (i.e. selling to your friends and family), in the hopes that you’ll not only sell to them, but encourage them to join as a seller as well. They preach making money in this way with ultimately very little effort, and it all sounds very tempting on the surface, sure but eventually your life will be ruined and will broke into so many pieces that you would not be able to fix it again. Don't want to nameshame anyone here but there's a fuck load of companies out there who had ruin a lot of lives and now in these crazy times of COVID-19 looking to expand as everyone in the world is looking for a passive and a lucrative source of income. The Ultimate GOAL of MLM people is to make you a "Distributor". MLM is considered a bad strategy and bad business model only for you because the company gets rich and you'll get poorer. The – PART TIME – MYTH – For Multi Level Marketing . ” DO IT FOR 3-4 HOURS A DAY ” This hilarious claim circulates a lot to every company’s Introduction Video & brochures. The reason why they claim this is so simple as to keep you as a customer as far as it goes for them  “Staying active “means a lot for them and really nothing for you.

In my opinion you should stay away from them.

If you want to buy a Shampoo head to your Local Supermarket do not turn to the MLM based Companies because if you even buy their product you support the Bullshit their people spread.

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Prateek Gupta

11:26 PM



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