Hey, Mark Dohner...

Hey, you don’t recognize me as a conscious being, but I exist and am constantly around the like buttons on your vlogs, and I want to speak up for once, after listening to your some of your recent podcasts with Pierson  so, real quick…

I lurk and pay attention everything you do and have been since I discovered you during 2017 Summer. And from then to now you ended up becoming a huge inspiration that I never really thought I’d find or need since I’m very emotionally self sufficient and independent, and just assume I’d always value my own time and making meaningful contributions way before connecting. You’ve proved me wrong there. I know that I must feed my brain by embracing my creativity and striving to be more articulate and assertive in catering my own path. Along with learning in this unconventional way. I view you as comedic smart in multiple ways, and it’s an amazing thing to watch in the vlogs, and especially the year 2020 with your songs becoming my spotify playlist starters.

You’ve subconciously had an effect on me I would’ve never suspected. I rant and rave about celebrity worship, putting anyone on a pedestal including people one knows personally and has earned immense respect. You make me better myself in a way no professional speaker has yet–by vlogging.

You’re no longer “my favorite Youtuber.” You’re a lot more than that. I just have no idea what to call it, and I think that’s fine. You’re the encouragement. You’re the final two pushes that got me to embrace my writing. I know exactly what I can do. Thank you very much. I’m a big fan of yours and look forward to both your channels and the songs.

Thanks For Reading

10:43 PM

Prateek Gupta


Bad Season by Mark Dohner: youtu.be/dTN39IQWS7w


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