when you are not okay

You ever had those days where Life is just beating you up where you feel overwhelmed about everything in life that seems to be working against you where it feels like everything is falling apart sometimes you are just not okay and if you are like me, it hurts so much to think that you are not Perfect. Media and society tell us that we should be better we should be farther along in our Career, you should have this materialistic thing to be happy or whatever and though it is important to constantly keep growing but we take this message in its extreme form, Where we police ourselves and shame ourselves for not being Perfect.

We are horrified that "Oh my God! I am not living the Perfect Life". We end up beating ourselves so much because of that. While in this Quarantine I've had so many days lately where I compared myself to my friends with regular jobs and here I am draining my bank account as a Freelancer. We all have moments some may be more than others. 

A quick storytime: So, in the end of summer of 2018 I joined a volunteer program of  Befrienders.org a Suicide Prevention Organisation, I had a audience so, I decided to feature Suicide Prevention through my Journal and other ventures after that only I learned so much about how precious this life really is, you know sometimes 'its okay not to be okay' and I know that It might sound trivial or cliche but there is an immense amount of healing that happens when you finally accept that path isn't going to be perfect at every step, I think a lot of us grow up thinking that our life has to look a certain way it has to be the way which our Parents approve off or we cannot show weakness or we cannot show a certain side of us because we are embarrassed to be farther behind of everything else, As we are seeing in the world right now the things are gonna go wrong we are going to fail sometimes and accepting those times to live in human peace is a skill. Now I have started to realize the concept: Gravity of Loving Yourself. 


I know Self Love is a buzzword these days that is thrown out a lot and when a word is thrown out a lot it looses some kind of meaning to a lot of us, but i have this whole other meaning of self-love. If you know the movie "Forest Gump" it is considered one of the most beautiful pieces of cinema has ever given us, and when you just look at it, a story of a guy who goes through a lot of stuff like going through a lot of life although he has his high planes he goes through  a lot of tragedy and loss. When you look at it, you don't like what things he achieved at the end its how he achieved those things getting through life and its challenges.

You look at this guy and you will say that 'my heart goes out to home' because he has a messy confusing life that we can all relate to a lot of movies surprisingly follow the same way and you fall in love with these characters because what they go through, not because where they end up and I think that what it means to really love yourself I don't know how this resonates with you or if it doesn't but I just wanted to share it with you and if you took some time off from your day to read this post, I am so thankful that you did that.

Now take a deep breath and image yourself that you are watching yourself from a Third Person Perspective you sitting there with your phone or laptop reading this post thinking about yourself from the vision of a Third Person as if your are seeing yourself for the first time as a character in a movie you've watched before and realizing that this person you are looking at is going through a hardtime that this person has a good heart but things aren't working out at the moment realize that your heart goes out to them.

Stay with this person for a bit, be there tell this person that not being okay sometimes is totally okay and You will still love this person anyway. "Sometime its okay not being okay" especially in a hard time like this pandemic where everyone is going through something even after this passes everyone has their tough days and no one should go through this alone, its important for us to be their for each other but it is also important for us to be their for ourselves too. 

I am sending best wishes and positive vibes to all of you and if you need someone to talk to message me on Instagram (@prattg63 - https://instagram.com/prattg63) I wanna be there as much as possible and I want to practice what I write here and think in general or simply just comment below, respond to someone else in the comments. We should all be there for each other.

Life is too short, talk to people anything can be resolved.

Thanks For Reading

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Prateek Gupta 


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