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About these writing softwares i tried a few of them today to improve my writing like take Grammarly for a second here They’ve already found “3 writing issues”. Good thing that was free and now I’m done with it, forever, I'm like who the hell are you to tell me that you've found 3 mistake in my writing come on .!! i haven't listened to my editor in almost one and a half year about that, also someone dm'ed me that why i use "Like"so much in my journal. First of all, why're you even judging a journal ??? I'll do whatever i want you brat !' do not read, I don't give a damn about anything. There we go, back on my liberating, crap of the world blog. "Blog". Couldn’t they think of any other word to use for words on the internet? I have done some serious blogging in year 2016, 2017 and 2018 at once i was handling approximately 43 independent article websites and i do not even have a count of words and companies i have written for. In 2019 yo


I had the best sleep this morning I woke up feeling great. It was exactly 7:18am, perfect timing to start the day and get back on track. As I go through these motions and fill up my day after my Communication Exam i had this thought: People who say "I don't give a f*#k what other people think about me" usually care about it the most its so easy to say that one sentence but the fluid inside the cerebrum of your brain experience a heavy storm of hurt thoughts during that time and leaves an impact to live with. Inevitably, human nature requires a feeling of belonging. Noone wants to feel that way ever. Luckily as I've gotten older I’ve slowly learned to care more about the important character traits in people. The Important Ones are: Honest, considerate and kind and these traits are totally winning over the funny, famous and hot ones. Because all these funny, famous and hot ones always want more attention, more followers and more fame today was one of those days where i


Creativity comes from curiosity and my curiosity is little low these days.  so, day before Yesterday i was thinking of  ideas for some script content where I was seeing at my laptop screen for straight 15 minutes but couldn't think  of any ideas or points to complete it then i had a Pepsi to chill my thoughts but nothing was working until i saw a Short Documentary about Shakespeare then i had the realization that my curiosity to know things isn't same as it was a week ago. some time goes by.... i took a break and went on to check some World News where i saw that Chester Bennington Linkin Park lead singer committed Suicide. Its tragic and my thoughts and prayers are with his family. While i am writing this post i scrolled through my twitter and i just heard that Home Alone  Star Actor John Heard Also Died aged 72. He was recovering from a back surgery which could be the reason of his death. but Chester Bennington we don't know what was he fighting with or how much inner pai