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Why I Stopped Writing for Indian YouTubers ???

I am going to be totally honest about some of the creators on YouTube here in India. So, I used to write for some big creators in India I have written over 40 odd sketch scripts and general monologue content in 2017 and 2018 for different Youtubers here, first up they seem totally nice when you watch them on Youtube but not so much when you write for them, They're the absolute worst. You know as they say "Reality is often Disappointing" it is the perfect saying. All of them are pretty narc up in there brains first they totally think that a writer who writes for them doesn't deserve to be paid... like they're doing a favor to us using our content to make money.

* "We will give you Credits" is the most popular sentence and it always comes first out of their mouth.

* It is always your fault when they can't enact a scene from your Written monologue.

* "Come up with something fresh, dude!" like you're paying me a heck load of a money to do…