Why I Stopped Writing for Indian YouTubers ???

I am going to be totally honest about some of the creators on YouTube here in India. So, I used to write for some big creators in India I have written over 40 odd sketch scripts and general monologue content in 2017 and 2018 for different Youtubers here, first up they seem totally nice when you watch them on Youtube but not so much when you write for them, They're the absolute worst. You know as they say "Reality is often Disappointing" it is the perfect saying. All of them are pretty narc up in there brains first they totally think that a writer who writes for them doesn't deserve to be paid... like they're doing a favor to us using our content to make money.

* "We will give you Credits" is the most popular sentence and it always comes first out of their mouth.

* It is always your fault when they can't enact a scene from your Written monologue.

* "Come up with something fresh, dude!" like you're paying me a heck load of a money to do that. ("I'm going to pay you Rs.1000 per script"!) my foot to hell with your 1000 Rupees.

* As a creator myself, I think one creator should know how to improvise a monologue otherwise you're just a reader of news on DD National, but I'll tell you all these YouTubers are masters of cringe when it comes to ruining a script, they will change the whole conclusion and plot of the script.

* They do not even give Full Credits for your work, what they do is put your name (not even your full name or your twitter link) i.e my full name is PRATEEK GUPTA not just PRATEEK in their description box in "down into the ground section".

* Writing for Indian YouTubers is like a Guerilla Warfare because there are so many fishes in the sea and Our work often goes unnoticed and obviously underpaid.

* At a low point of time it felt like my very own personality was fleeting because of putting in good hours into a new idea for a sketch script and ending up not even getting paid some of the times.

* And "They all know about their flaws but they just don't care" because you're just a easily replaceable guy for them.

I was 19 and 20 years old during those two crazy years. I learnt so much through that time "If you're good at something never do it for free" and especially for those who will never be grateful for the time you put into those scripts for them.

To them Writing is the easiest job but they don't want to do that themselves.

Thanks For Reading

Prateek Gupta

12:38 AM



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