The Comeback

Since the dawn of the recorded human history, something like 115 billion people have been born into this world, And not a single of them Made it except the two men who invented Soft Drinks and Telescope(because i love both of these things). There are approximately 7.4 billion people on this Earth right now and around 65 million people die every year. there is this quote i read once in a book:

"We live alone, We die alone and Everything around us is just an Illusion"

the above quote still keep me up at night thinking if We all die alone, Why am i supposed to spend my life Working, Sweating and Struggling ? just to create an illusion. Because no amount of friends, no Girl, no college assignments about writing journalized reports or finding an answer of a physics numerical going to do anything for me to avoid my fate. I think i have better things to do with my time and three of my friends agreed with me on this. END (but we never really capitalized on any of this)

Oh I Forgot to say Hello! peeps, its been a really longtime since i posted something here. The Sticky notes on my laptop kept bugging me that i need to post something on here. Finally after 41 reminders and exactly 52 and a half snoozes later i decided to throw some words in here. Literally Talking i am seriously busy with a lot of things during the period of last two months I was in a total manic state whether the concern is job, traveling or writing. I kept doing whatever came onto my table like a robot. I Feel so great that i will  try to keep this manic state going, the content flow is really on another level getting everything on point is a different kind of feeling. From year 2015 to now I’ve done a lot of crazy things which I couldn’t even imagine doing without my manic state and word grind. For the past 2 and a half years working on different projects whether professional or by hobby lingual its been a fun ride.

Important Note: Your University Dean can call you at his office anytime if you haven't even done anything ? you just have to remember to don't be panic have a little faith in yourself that literally you have not done anything other than missing a month of your Media Research Studies Classes due to your Independent Projects getting in the way.

Thanks For Reading

Prateek Gupta

12:27 AM

Delhi, India.



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