Yesterday, I read this article in the Fortune magazine titled "The World's most Admired Companies" it was a whole illustrated report to analyzing which Companies are really the World's Corporate Role Models with Apple Inc and Amazon LLC. toping the charts beating some of the greats in the game such as Berkshire Hathaway, Walt Disney, Starbucks and most importantly us the 'millenials' favorite clan right now Netflix reading that i was totally shocked to realize that it wasn't about how much capitals these companies were creating, it was actually about the morals and goals these companies are oriented towards because combining the capitals of Berkshire Hathaway, Netflix and Starbucks cannot even touch the capital made by the raging bull of everything Amazon. The list also consisted of the All Stars list suggesting Staying on Top isn't that easy as it seems with Google parent company Alphabet falling down in the rankings to record low of 7.

so, coming onto the title of this post is the world really all about the money ??? in someway I guesss because Money Creates Criminals, money ruins relationships, and most importantly Money makes people JUDGEMENTAL !!! but on the other hand Money creates freedom, opportunity and choices, It doesn't create Evil' it amplifies your character, If you're a good person you'll do more good and if you're a bad person it'll worsen your character.

As a Citizen of a Third World Developing Conservative Country has taught me to wake up everyday feeling grateful for a family, food on my dining table and the ability to apply myself with freedom to work from anywhere so, next time you hear somebody saying that the world is all about the money respect their opinion they're right and so are you.

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Prateek Gupta

12:56 AM

Delhi, India.


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